#ThrowbackThursday: Love

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Everything went slow at work as Eli watched the clock. He counted down the minutes to when he had to leave and dreaded doing so.

It was official – Faith had not forgiven him and there was not telling when she would.

It was an issue he’d dealt with for the past four years. The weekly therapy didn’t matter. The marriage book was never read by her. He didn’t know if she had girlfriends in her ear, asking her why she was still with Eli. He didn’t know what nasty sweet nothings Darren had sent via text message.

It really didn’t matter. Eli was still being punished and worst yet, Faith didn’t care.

She was always a bit immature and sometimes it annoyed Eli. She would hold grudges for seemingly years, and over some of the stupidest shit. As they grew older and more confident in each other and their marriage, things simmered down.

Then the affair happened and if Eli could, he would’ve showed Simone the door that day.

He wanted to relive a high school fantasy of what if? and wasn’t prepared to deal with what happened. He was selfish, stupid, and frankly, an asshole about it all. It took a lot of self-awareness and forgiving himself for his actions and hurt to everyone.

It seemed everyone had forgiven him…everyone but Faith.

It was well after ten when Eli arrived home and he deliberately stayed out as late as he could. His chest pinched in anger when he thought of Darren and that smarmy California Ken smile he loved to display. He wondered if he used that same smile as he mounted Faith.

Eli released his clenched fists. No. He was not going to get pissed over Darren, at least not yet. He needed to get some answers first before he made any rash decisions. He just hoped Faith would be forthcoming with everything.

“There you are,” Faith paused the DVR, and waved to her husband from the sofa. “I was wondering if you were going to come home tonight.”

“I was wondering that myself,” Eli took off his jacket and shoes.

“Oh?” Faith rested her head on a hand. “Is everything okay, baby? You seem out of it.”

Oh, Eli was out of it, all right. He was clearly out of the marriage. “A bit, yes.”

“Well, what’s up?” Faith patted the sofa. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” he handed the folder to her, “you tell me.”

Faith opened the folder and her eyes widened in shock. Someone spotted her having lunch with Darren and sent Eli the high-resolution photos. It appeared a professional took them. “You followed me?”

“I just handed over pictures of you obviously being on a date with your ex-boyfriend and your first response is asking if I followed you?” Eli asked. “You might want to start over.”


I’m going to miss writing them. They were fun.

Love, the final book in the D’Amato Brothers series, is available now. Print version coming soon.

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    • veraroberts says:

      I don’t know about that, lol. Honestly, the reaction to Feeling Some Type of Way tells me my days of writing anything romance are completely done. I’m only obligated to do a final S&M book and I don’t know when that’ll be. That will more than likely not be a romance nor would it be a conclusion for Scott and Mariana.

      But it is what it is. When the audience is tired of reading your romance books, you need to switch audiences. It was a fun ride!

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