#TeaserTuesday: Zaddy: Cuffing Season

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Unedited Snippet:

“I spoke to Whitney a while back and she mentioned how you’ve calmed down a lot since we’ve been married,” Zerrin was met with silence and debated if she should continue. Nick wrote in a journal and it didn’t appear he listened or even cared. Then again, he was always hard to read.

“Go on,” he softly replied.

So, he did listen to her. Zerrin found the strength to continue. “She mentioned some of the things you used to do with her. She didn’t want to tell me but I encouraged her to.” Again, silence. “She mentioned how you used to get…” The word Zerrin didn’t want to say. It contradicted everything she knew about her husband. It also occurred to her, she didn’t know Nick that well prior to their union.

Nick calmly took off his reading glasses and set them aside as he met his wife’s eyes. “Violent?”

He said it so confidently, Zerrin began to question everything she’d ever known. Was it violence? He’d never did anything against Whitney’s will and the look in her eyes as she recounted their time together suggested she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Her smile was big and wide, as if she was proud of herself for keeping up with the man known as Saint Nick.

He’d tied her against a wooden plank and fucked her until her throat was raw from screaming. He came up with a creative use for nipple clamps and used them to pry her cunt open. It seemed Nick didn’t hold back and gave it to Whitney as hard and intense as she could take it.

With Zerrin, however, Nick changed his tune. He was aggressive in bed but it was never violent. Sure, he’d spanked and flogged her, but it was never intentionally painful. He never tried to harm her.

Now Zerrin wanted Nick to torment her.

She didn’t want to admit she was both aroused and jealous by how aggressive her husband could be. She’d heard of stories of his reputation with other submissives and how he passionate he was with every implement he’d used. One submissive recalled how Nick flogged her to classical music, striking her with every chord played.

Another submissive recounted how Nick and Scott double-teamed a submissive; one licked her pussy until she climaxed five times while the other fucked her face. When they were done, they both shot all over the sub’s face as she greedily sucked them both off.

Lastly, one submissive recalled a time Nick gave an anal sex demonstration at The Boundary and nearly every woman in the audience wanted Nick to practice on her next.

The Saint Nick persona was completely different and hidden away from the rest of the D’Amato brood. Nick took great pains to ensure his privacy and that of others who’d serviced Him. She didn’t mind it was their sexy little secret and relished how she served Him without speaking. She did anything and everything He’d requested of her, with no questions asked.

Now Zerrin had one of the biggest questions of her own.

She shifted her stance and fumbled with the pearl necklace around her neck. Nick’s gaze was intense, smoldering, and cut straight to her soul. She swallowed her emotions and let out a small breath as the sensual current passed between them. If she requested Nick to be rough with her, he would most certainly do it.

The real question was: would she be able to handle it?


The third couple will be revealed in a couple of weeks.

Zaddy: Cuffing Season will be out sometime this month. Details TBA soon.