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Every girl has that one thing she will not do. No matter how hard times get. No matter how little money she has. No matter what…there is that one thing she will refuse to do.

Ian Ferguson was that for me.

Working for one of the world’s most eligible billionaires taught me many things: I can tell the difference between BCBG and Balenciaga. I know how much mileage I can put into my Jimmy Choos before I have to get another pair. I know when Ian was in a good mood and when I should get the hell out of dodge.

Working for Ian also taught me…I can’t separate my personal feelings from our professional relationship.

Lady luck and a killer bod was on my side, though. Amateur night at the local strip club taught Ian I was no longer the desperate college student he met a few years ago, but a grown-ass woman with grown-ass needs. And honestly, I think he already knew that but never acted on it.

I just hope this experiment is worth the effort from both of us. He’s got me feeling some type of way…



“I had a good time,” I answered his next question before he asked it, “it was a nice affair.”

Ian shot a look at me. “You don’t have lie to impress me, Domi. I know it was boring as all shit. You saw how wasted Emma got on that watery-ass Sprite they called champagne.”

I chuckled. He was right. The gala was god-awful and boring. At least Emma was entertaining. “It was an experience,” I rephrased.

“Yeah, a bad one.” He chuckled. “I’m glad you came with me. Someone else would’ve raved on and on about everything but you’re real.”

Yeah, I’m real. Real fake.

I thought about how much I wanted to reveal to Ian. That I already started scribbling Dominique Ferguson? That I began studying a little bit of art in my downtime to keep up? That I hoped Ian showing up for Thanksgiving was going to be a regular occurrence?

I felt Ian move closer to me like he always did and was prepared for him to back away as usual. Except he didn’t. His soft lips brushed against mine before he finally devoured them. His tongue swept the inside of my mouth, tasting and exploring me.

It wasn’t just a kiss. It was me yielding control to Ian to do whatever he wanted my life. It was Ian telling me he was firmly in command.

I’d been kissed many times before by forgettable men. The sloppy, drunken, tonsil-hockey that no one dared to speak of. I even channeled my inner Katy Perry once during a frat party. But this kiss from Ian, though, devoured my body, and took over my mind.

The warmth of his lips powered by the control of his tongue as I invited him again and again to explore me, explore us.

His lips trailed down to my neck and he discovered a hot spot I didn’t know I had. A breathy moan of his name escaped my lips as I clutched onto his body. Yes, I needed this. I needed this release. I needed this pleasure.

I writhed and squirmed with anticipation as hot flashes of desire panged my body. I softly shook underneath him as he held me close as his lips explored my neck, touching off my senses, and making me lose control.

No words came out, just soft moans, and mewls from me. My body and voice produced sounds I didn’t know I was capable of and it was all a foreign language of inexplicable sounds and emotions. I was blubbering, blabbering, completely incoherent and lost in a world of orgasmic bliss.

I felt the dampness of my panties, the throbbing inside of them, and didn’t know how one kiss by Ian could create such pleasure, tingling me down to my core and having me all sorts of shook.

His lips were gently possessive, yet not too demanding. He was addictive and I already yearned for more. I wanted to feel him on top of me, inside me, behind me, and all over me. I wanted to feel his lips between the inside of my thighs as he kissed everywhere. I wanted to feel the smooth roughness of his tongue as he pleasured me to no end as I begged and moaned beneath him.

I wanted this. I was also afraid of this.


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