#FlashFriday: Feeling Some Type of Way



Every girl has that one thing she will not do. No matter how hard times get. No matter how little money she has. No matter what…there is that one thing she will refuse to do.

Ian Ferguson was that for me.

Working for one of the world’s most eligible billionaires taught me many things: I can tell the difference between BCBG and Balenciaga. I know how much mileage I can put into my Jimmy Choos before I have to get another pair. I know when Ian was in a good mood and when I should get the hell out of dodge.

Working for Ian also taught me…I can’t separate my personal feelings from our professional relationship.

Lady luck and a killer bod was on my side, though. Amateur night at the local strip club taught Ian I was no longer the desperate college student he met a few years ago, but a grown-ass woman with grown-ass needs. And honestly, I think he already knew that but never acted on it.

I just hope this experiment is worth the effort from both of us. He’s got me feeling some type of way…



I wished she were ugly.

I wished she were fat.

I wished she had a big-ass pimple that was dead center on her face.

I wished Sydney Walker were the most hideous woman I’d ever seen in my life.

Instead, I was met with one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen.

And just my luck, she was Ian’s new crush muse.

As I walked around with Sydney and showed her the Ferguson, I was insanely jealous of her. She spoke in a smoky yet seductive voice and had a big, beautiful smile.

I could see why Ian was completely enamored with her. I could also see why I hated her ass from the jump.

“So this is the Lula Jean room?” Sydney asked as we entered the room. She looked around and was astounded by how big the room was. “This is incredible!”

Ian decided Sydney was going to make her debut in the room of all rooms. Yeah, that was intentional. “It is. He’s a huge fan of your work.” And of you.

Sydney turned to me and flashed that smile again. Oh, why did she have to be beautiful? Shit! “I seriously cannot thank you enough, Dominique! You’re the reason for me being here!”

You’re the reason I’m going to eventually sleep with your man. Jealous, bitch? It’s funny how I know that’s not what she said but somehow my brain translated that she did. Weird. “Anything to help you.”

Sydney gave me a big, bear hug and I hugged her back. Gosh, I wish I could hate her. Even if her and Ian do hook up, I sincerely liked her more than the others. She would be good with Ian.

What in the hell am I saying? I would be good with Ian.

I heard the door opened and saw Ian walked in with a beaming smile. He made a beeline towards both of us with an equally big smile, complete with dimples. Ugh, she even brought out his dimples.

“How are you ladies doing today?” He asked us. “Getting along well?”

“Yeah, I was just showing Sydney around the Ferguson,” I mentioned to Ian, “I showed her everything in the Gallery and even a few things I forgot about. I was about to mention how this would be a great venue for her and Dean to get married.” My eyes cut to Ian. Yes, Ian, the woman you want is engaged to another man and you will deal.

Ian read the look on my face with one of his own. “I’m sure she’ll make a beautiful bride.” He turned to Sydney. “If you’re free, I would like to discuss more of your residency over lunch?”

“Sure!” Sydney beamed. “Thanks for everything, Dominique.”

“She’s great, isn’t she?” Ian winked at me.

Yeah, I’m so great….great at being an absolute doormat.


When Dominique met Sydney…

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