#ThrowbackThursday – I Need You


The collar had a diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped key locket that sparkled whenever Dove made a slight movement. Mariana wondered how serious Dove and Scott were in their relationship for him to collar her. She wanted to think that maybe he did that with all of his girlfriends; that she and Dove were just women in a long line of forgettable women that Scott made that promise to.

Mariana knew it was a lie.

Scott took being a Dominant just as seriously as he took his career and money matters. He wouldn’t be a Dominant to just anyone and he wouldn’t just pick any woman to be His submissive. She’d have to have a certain quality about her that he could nurture, develop, train, cultivate…

Was Mariana looking at a Caribbean blonde version of herself?

“There you go,” Mariana finished tying up Dove’s dress, “it’s a really beautiful gown you’re wearing.”

“Thank you!” Dove smiled. “Scott picked it out for me. In fact, he dressed me this evening! Can you believe that?”

Actually, yes, I can. Scott used to pick out every outfit Mariana wore, only the best that would accentuate her features. Part of it was to show her off to everyone. The main reason was to boost her confidence and self-worth. Mariana had never felt so sexy and… boss. “That was sweet of him!” Mariana once again forced a smile. Her cheeks were starting to hurt. “I didn’t know he had such great taste!”

That was an unconvincing lie. She knew all about his taste. The Gucci suits, the Burberry ties, the Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, and the Breitling watches. Even when he shopped at Target, Scott’s clothes were still of nice quality.

“So do you and B. have any plans after you leave here tonight?” Dove asked.

“I don’t know. The night is still young.” Mariana contemplated asking the next question for fear of an answer she wasn’t going to like. Curiosity still got the best of her. “What are you and Scott doing?”

“We’re going to go back home and probably get romantic and cozy.” Dove sighed. “Have you ever been with someone with whom you just gelled with sexually, so that you crave that person even though you just had them?”

God, yes. Mariana could vividly recall Scott forcing his cock into her hungry mouth, holding her steady by his hands on her shoulders as he pumped in and out of her. Then when he came, he wiped his cock with her lips, smearing his seed all over her mouth before she greedily took his cock in again.

That didn’t count the times where he fucked her so hard, she was paralyzed with ecstasy as they climbed new heights of passion and desire. Just thinking about his moans, whispering in her ears, his strong hands wrapped around her body as he thrust inside her, him slapping her ass asking her if she belonged to him…“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

“Yeah…” Dove leaned against the sink and lightly shook her head. “…girl, I wish you could understand what I’m going through. Each and every time he makes me climax. Each and every time. He is amazing.

Bitch. No, she’s not just a bitch. She’s a basic bitch! “It sounds like he makes you happy.” Bitch.

“He does. He travels a lot but he always makes it up when he comes home with gifts.” Dove smiled as she played with the dangling gold bracelets on her right wrist. “Anyway, I need to get back to him. You have a great night, Mari!” Dove once again air-kissed her and left.

Mariana let out the deep breath she’d been holding in for the past several minutes. Before Scott, Mariana realized she had settled. Even if the guy didn’t give her the butterflies in her stomach, the heart-stopping desire, and the toe-curling orgasms, he was ‘good enough.’ After Scott, it became pristine clear – she was settling once again.

Her mother was right. She wasn’t over Scott. Not even close.


Dove walked back to her table and sat on Scott’s lap. “All done, Sir.”

Scott gently kissed Dove’s back. “How did it go?”

“I stunned her,” Dove leaned over and took a bite of cheesecake, “she hates me.”

Scott chuckled. “Good girl. You’ll be greatly rewarded later.”

“I will admit, Sir, I’ll be sad when my assignment ends. I’ve really enjoyed myself.” Dove fed Scott a bite of cheesecake. “I never thought manipulating someone’s emotions could be fun.”

“Well, we’re not manipulating her emotions,” Scott said through fed bites, “merely bringing out the emotions she’s denying, that’s all.”


I’m sure a few of you felt like this:


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