#SnippetSunday: Feeling Some Type of Way



Every girl has that one thing she will not do. No matter how hard times get. No matter how little money she has. No matter what…there is that one thing she will refuse to do.

Ian Ferguson was that for me.

Working for one of the world’s most eligible billionaires taught me many things: I can tell the difference between BCBG and Balenciaga. I know how much mileage I can put into my Jimmy Choos before I have to get another pair. I know when Ian was in a good mood and when I should get the hell out of dodge.

Working for Ian also taught me…I can’t separate my personal feelings from our professional relationship.

Lady luck and a killer bod was on my side, though. Amateur night at the local strip club taught Ian I was no longer the desperate college student he met a few years ago, but a grown-ass woman with grown-ass needs. And honestly, I think he already knew that but never acted on it.

I just hope this experiment is worth the effort from both of us. He’s got me feeling some type of way…



“You’re the only woman for me, Domi.”

I slightly smiled. There aren’t many secrets between the Fergusons. “Emma spoke to you?”

“Sydney is just my muse and nothing more.” He hesitated, wondering if he should reveal everything or keep much of it private and vague. It’s not like I need or want to know details. “I’ll be traveling with her this upcoming year to promote her, but that’s it. We have a lot of love for art in common. I respect her and Dean. They’re about to get married very soon.”

“They are?” I was truly happy for them. I was also very thankful it meant Sydney was no longer a threat.

“Next week, to be exact, at their home. I’m catering the affair and I want you to come with me as my guest.” His fingers splayed across my gown. “I also want you to be present with me when Sydney does the performance art piece.”

The idea was to watch Sydney and Dean have sex while A-list director, Bobby Whalen, filmed it. It sounds pornographic – and it is – but was going to be artistic and not vulgar. I’ve never even seen porno and I’m about to watch it perform in front of me.

What a world I’m in.

I suddenly felt a weird tension emitting from Ian. Was he not happy Sydney was about to get married? Did he have sudden regrets about us? Why do I always think the worst? Damn, I even annoy myself. I looked up at him and found him smiling back at me. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

He swept his lips across mine and I felt a heat rise within me. I don’t think I could ever get used to how meticulous and deliberate his lips are. They were soft and wet, so tender and full. The same lips that kissed me all over the other night and pleasured me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

The same lips that declared his love for me.

Ian maintained his composure while I felt I didn’t have a shred of dignity left within me. I softly moaned, threaded my fingers through his hair, and hoped he wouldn’t stop for anything.

Ian pulled down the privacy shade and spoke to the driver. “Can you drive for an additional hour? I’ll pay double.”

“Yes, Mr. Ferguson.” The driver nodded before Ian raised the shade back up.

He turned to me. He had a smoldering look in his eyes and the air changed between us. “We’re fucking.” His voice was a low, seductive murmur.

I swallowed. Twice. He said so matter-of-factly, I honestly wondered if I truly heard what he said. Here? Now? “Say what?”

“Do you need help with your gown?” He asked.

It quickly occurred to me this was going to happen unless I said no. The thought of having sex with someone just a few feet away from us made me super aroused and I felt my sex dampen with want. “It’s quite expensive,” I warned him.

“Is it something you love?” He asked.

“Well, I like it but I don’t love it,” I replied.

“Good,” Ian ripped the gown off my back. He pulled the long sleeves down my arms, exposing my breasts in the slight coolness of the Rolls. He reached up my gown and tried in vain to find where my panties began, assuming he wanted to rip those off, too.

“I’m not wearing any,” I whispered. “It didn’t go with the gown so we just went without.”

His fingers found my sex, and slid a couple over my wet slit. He hissed out a breath when he found how hot and ready I was for him. “Shit…” He breathed as he fell on top of me. We fumbled with getting his pants undone and his hardened shaft jutted out. The tip of him teased my entrance before he pushed in. I gasped and felt my eyes water. He completely filled me and I knew not all of him was inside.

“Do you want more?” He moaned against my neck as he kissed it.

I wasn’t sure if I could take more but I also wanted to try to see how far I could go. “Yes,” I breathed. Ian slid more inside of me and a loud moan escaped my lips. I immediately covered my mouth in case the driver could hear me.

Ian pulled my hand away and crushed his lips on top of mine. “I don’t care if he hears you. I hope he does.”


Feeling Some Type of Way will be available on December 13th.

It’ll be available for pre-order starting on December 6th.

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