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Hello Everyone!

I apologize for my absence of sorts on social media. I’ve been super busy trying to get this story done and out for its proposed December 13th release date.

I just introduced Bear to Paw Patrol. I think he likes it! Awesome! He’s so conservative with his cartoon habits. I’m glad he has another option.

For the time being, I did release several unedited chapters on wattpad here. So go check it out!

I’m still working on the holiday trilogy as well as the YA book. Yes, super busy and unfortunately I don’t have time to mess around too much (cue violin strings here). I’ll share a snippet of Cuffing Season in a few weeks when it’s closer to the release date. The book will still feature three couples, though I’m not sure who the last couple is yet. Maybe the universe will give me an idea.

Anyhoo, I hope you’re all doing wonderful and great! xoxoxo











“I would also like it if you would treat me like the mother of your children instead of the ex you can’t stand. Two fucking years you refused to say a word to me, Eli. Two fucking years!” Faith’s voice screeched as hot tears streamed down her face. “Whenever I need to talk to you, I have to go through your damn attorney! Separate birthday parties! Separate holidays! Even separate parent-teacher meetings! And you honestly think that type of behavior makes me want to stay in New York?”

“Do you remember your words to me, Faye? Let me refresh your memory and quoting, ‘I wish you were dead, Eli.’ You’re mad at me I granted your wish?”

(Okay, so I lied about not sharing a snippet of Cuffing Season.)

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