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“What are you doing?” Briana giggled as Caleb kissed her neck.

“I thought I was,” he spoke between kisses, “getting fresh with my girlfriend in my old bedroom.”

“With your parents downstairs?” Briana closed the yearbook and shook her head. “Um, no, I don’t think so.” She scooted over on the bed.

“Come here,” Caleb pulled her back towards him and Briana didn’t resist. “Just a kiss?”

A kiss?” She repeated. “Uno? One?”

“One.” He crushed his lips against hers and she welcomed it. He tasted like mint with a hint of sweetness. His tongue was slow, yet hot, and almost impatient for hers. He savored her mouth like it were a meal and tasted every corner she had to offer.

He wanted her naked.

It was a silent but urgent demand. His hands were still but Briana could feel the rising tension between them. Slow, sporadic breaths became hungrier as a small moan escaped Briana’s lips.

It wasn’t just a kiss. Caleb took away Briana’s ability to think properly, her resolve dissipated into thin air, and replaced both with an anxious and horny woman who just needed something to take off the edge he’d just given her.

Caleb trailed his lips across Briana’s jawline and down to her neck while a free hand cupped her sex. He felt her heat through the tight slacks she wore and softly rubbed against it. “Let’s fuck, baby,” he whispered.

Briana could only nod as she was on pleasure overload. When Caleb removed his lips, she felt a longing, an urging, and impatiently waited for him to give her something in return. She willingly gave him control of her body and silently told him he could do whatever he wanted with her.

She only hoped his parents didn’t bother getting up from their movie. “Okay.” She quickly removed her panties and slacks while Caleb shed his clothing.

“On the bed. Face down, ass up.” He instructed.

Briana softly bit her lip and did as she was instructed. She closed her eyes and rested her arms under bunched-up pillows beneath her head. She’d never had sex with a boyfriend at his parents’ home and she felt like a horny teenager who was suddenly breaking every rule of the good girl playbook.

She felt the bed shift and Caleb’s cold hands pressed against her flesh. He smoothed his hands down her spine and back again to cradle her cheeks. One hand caressed her ass while the other found her wet and aching sex, hungry for his attention. “You wanted to be fucked?” It wasn’t really a question.

Caleb’s fingers played with her slit and Briana immediately bit down on the pillow. “Yes,” she nodded.

He pressed his fingers into her throbbing nub and gently smacked it, causing Briana to grasp the comforter. “Ooh,” he purred, “my Queen missed me.”

“Will you just fuck me already?” She demanded.

Caleb laughed as his fingers continued to toy with her. They now moved in a circular motion as Briana gasped and moaned into the pillow. “I like it when you’re feisty.” He withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his hardened cock, driving deep into Briana with a quick thrust.

Briana gasped as her pussy quivered around Caleb’s thickness. Oh, he felt so wonderful inside her. “Did my Queen miss me? Your King missed you.”


This book is finally seeing the light of day this upcoming Tuesday, October 18th (for real, this time). It’ll be available at the following retailers:

All Romance


Barnes & Noble

Smashwords and

Others (Kobo, etc.)

As I stated before, the State of Affairs series is slated to be a five-book series so I’m playing it by ear to see how each subsequently book does in the series before I make any promises.


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