#TeaserTuesday: Superpower #contemporary #romance

State of Affairs - large


Every Queen needs a King.

Briana Gooding has a lot on her plate and being a full-time social activist leaves little time for romance. When the NFL’s most controversial quarterback approaches her, she suddenly finds time.

NFL standout Caleb Kelly is known for his exciting plays on the field and his messy personal life that leaves many women thirsty to be a part of his harem. When he decided to take a controversial stance against the National Anthem, he found a strong ally in Briana. It’s only a matter of time before the activists are viewed as the country’s most dangerous couple and harassment ensues.

Senator Jay Edwards and his wife, Sanora, are making big plans for Briana and Caleb and have no qualms being their private support. When their detractors threaten those plans, it’s time to use a deadly reminder to show who’s really in charge.

All is fair in sex, love, and power.

Superpower is the second book in the State of Affairs series. It deals with social justice, activism, political aspirations, and if true love conquers all. It is an erotic romance.


Unedited Snippet:

“Did you have a nice flight?” He asked as he kneaded the bread dough.

Briana watched Caleb’s hands and wondered how they would feel on her body. She blinked the thought out of her head. “Um, yes. It was a very nice flight.” Jay and Sanora upgraded her to first-class and Briana never knew such luxury existed. “I was quite comfortable.”

“That’s good,” Caleb stopped kneaded the dough, set it on a cookie sheet, and placed it inside the oven. “I’m glad to hear.”

“I met a friend of yours at the airport,” Briana felt her stomach grow into knots thinking about her confrontation, “Malik Touré.”

Caleb chuckled. “I wouldn’t call him a friend but yes, I do know him.”

“He knew I was coming to see you.” Briana looked at Caleb directly. “He told me you told him.”

“I casually mentioned it as we discussed people in the movement who are supporters,” Caleb felt the shift in the air go from loving to cold. He immediately sensed Briana’s walls went up and were impenetrable. “I take it that’s a problem.”

“I don’t care who you associate yourself with but I would really prefer you keep my name out of your mouth when discussing action plans with others.” She declared.

“Touché,” Caleb replied as he put pasta into the pot. “I take it you and Malik have beef?”

“Beef is when two people mutually don’t like each other. If one person doesn’t like someone and the other one doesn’t care, then that one person is just mad.” She stated. “I’m sure there are a variety of reasons why Malik doesn’t like me but the biggest one is he hates I’m at the forefront of the protests. He’s the one came up with the #GoHomeBree hashtag.”

Caleb nodded. “I’m sure he has his reasons for doing what he does. He does do a lot of great work for our community, you have to admit?”

Briana felt her heart drop to the pit of her stomach. She knew Caleb was too good to be true and he just proved it. “Interesting.”

“What is?”

“I just told you a Black man railroaded and humiliated me in front of the world and you still defended him. Oh, that’s right…Black men will defend other Black men before they protect a Black woman’s honor,” she got up and grabbed her bag. She was officially out of damns to give. “And then you niggas wonder why we date out. I’ll see myself out now.”

“Bree, wait!” Caleb rushed over to her and Briana stopped walking. “I’m sorry! I didn’t realize you were being attacked from everyone. I’m sorry about that. You do a lot of great work for the community, for us, and I didn’t realize how bad you get it from your end. I’ll talk with Malik and ask him to leave you alone, okay?” Caleb kissed her hand. “Please, Queen. Can we start over? Please?”

Caleb’s lips were soft, full, and hugged the back of Briana’s hand like if he knew every crevice of her body already. She wondered how they would feel better inside her thighs or if he placed small kisses around her navel in a circular fashion. She briefly wondered if they would feel amazing against her sex as she imagined they would.

Damn her loins and damn him. So maybe she had one more damn to give. “Okay.”

“Besides, I have all of this food and I can’t possibly eat all of this by myself,” he gave a small smile, “I even made salad!”

Caleb sounded sincere and Briana was rather hungry. She didn’t believe in second chances but she believed in him, maybe against her better judgment. “I like salad,” she nodded.

Caleb led her back to the kitchen where Briana resumed her spot at the kitchen island. Caleb poured her a glass of white wine and slid it over to her. “A fresh start?” His eyes begged for forgiveness.

Briana smiled back at him. Caleb was sincere, even if he was a bit misguided. “A fresh start.” She clinked glasses with him and took a sip of the cool liquid. Notes of dark chocolate, pear, and raspberry filled her senses. Caleb and the Edwards had at least one thing in common – they knew their wines. “You surprise me,” she sat down her glass, “I didn’t think you would care other than being an ally.”

“Why would you say that?” Caleb asked.

“Because I’ve seen who you follow on IG and I peeped your game,” she replied.

Caleb tossed the sautéed vegetables in the pan. He quietly hummed a tune – something Briana later figured out to be “Love is Stronger than Pride” as he checked the bread. “What game do I have?” He calmly asked.

“Fuck and leave,” Briana was straight to the point. “Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“That’s how I used to be,” Caleb admitted, “young, dumb, and full of come. I can’t tell the difference between who really want me and those who want my money. If I tell them not to expect anything, it makes it easier for all of us involved.”

“Used to be?” Briana’s eyes narrowed at his. “I think a part of you is still like that.”

“Not really. I’m getting up there in age and it’s time for me to settle down and have just one woman,” he stirred his homemade tomato sauce, “even if she lives a bit of a distance away from me.” His eyes met hers.

A rush of emotion filled Briana’s body, leading to her cheeks filled with a coral color. She envisioned brown babies with matching Afros. She saw an Afro-centric wedding theme as she and Caleb jumped over the broom.

She saw her partner in life and in the revolution. “If this is the game you’re playing to stop me from being mad at you, it’s working.”


Are you ready for the revolution?

Superpower (State of Affairs #2) will be out sometime next week.