Guess who was featured in USA Today? This girl. :)

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My good friend, author Shakir Rashaan, featured me in his article! That is so amazing and cool!!

From USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog

My last recommendation takes us into the hockey world with my girl Vera Roberts. Her latest offering is called Scoring Chance, and it is part of the Breakaway Series (for those into hockey, you know what that turn of phrase means). This series surrounds hockey superstar Dean Winchester, and the drama dealing with him both on and off the ice.

What it’s about:

After a disastrous first half, it was time to get serious and win the game.

Hockey superstar Dean Winchester is willing to do anything to win his girlfriend back and put aside his insecurities about her relationship with her curator/boss. However, a mistake during their break-up has the potential of ruining everything he and Sydney had built.

Up and coming artist Sydney Walker admitted she was a bit naïve in her dealings with Dean but she is fully committed to working on their relationship. With her art curator promising her the world and fame, she can only go up. But when a blast from Dean’s past threatens to come back and destroy them, Sydney feels it’s time to play fire with water.

Can Sydney and Dean survive a potential scandal? Or would they have exposed themselves for absolutely nothing?

Scoring Chance is the fifth book in the Breakaway series. It is a standalone New Adult romance that deals with second chances, trust issues, and true love.

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This was the second time I was featured this year alone from Happily Ever After, and both for the Breakaway series!!

And just to think…I got my start on


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  1. Andrea Hatcher says:

    Congratulations, Vera! This is fantastic. I look forward to seeing your work get more and more recognition like this . Maybe in the near future you’ll get a movie or TV deal. I would love to see these characters come to life on screen.

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