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Every Queen needs a King.

Briana Gooding has a lot on her plate and being a full-time social activist leaves little time for romance. When the NFL’s most controversial quarterback approaches her, she suddenly finds time.

NFL standout Caleb Kelly is known for his exciting plays on the field and his messy personal life that leaves many women thirsty to be a part of his harem. When he decided to take a controversial stance against the National Anthem, he found a strong ally in Briana. It’s only a matter of time before the activists are viewed as the country’s most dangerous couple and harassment ensues.

Senator Jay Edwards and his wife, Sanora, are making big plans for Briana and Caleb and have no qualms being their private support. When their detractors threaten those plans, it’s time to use a deadly reminder to show who’s really in charge.

All is fair in sex, love, and power.

Superpower is the second book in the State of Affairs series. It deals with social justice, activism, political aspirations, and if true love conquers all. It is an erotic romance.

Unedited Snippet:

“Come here,” Caleb put the small shovel aside. He took off his gloves and moved the basket of fruit and vegetables he’d picked out.

Briana walked over to her boyfriend and kneeled beside him. “Yes?”

“No, come here.” He laid down on the ground and Briana promptly sat on top of him. “That’s better.”

Briana loved straddling him. The comfort, strength, and quiet sensuality he held underneath her was something she didn’t think she would ever get used to. They had a kinetic energy that was exchanged by simply being in the presence of each other, as if they silently understood what the other felt without explicitly saying so. “I need to go make dinner, baby.”

“I know you do,” he reached up and cradled her breasts through the shirt’s fabric, “I needed a moment with you.”

“Out here?” The weather was perfect the Golden Hour came into affect. “Your neighbors?”

“They won’t hear anything. If they do, they’re polite enough to ignore it.”

Briana adjusted her position and felt all of Caleb pressed against her. She lightly sighed as the low hum of arousal began to take over. They made love the entire weekend and she was scheduled to return to Los Angeles the next morning. She suddenly had a desire to cancel all plans.

“What’s in the basket?” She asked.

“Sides for dinner tonight,” he lifted up her shit and Briana pulled it over her head, exposing her bare breasts to the air, “tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. Dessert is apple crisp.”

“Sounds healthy,” she squirmed as he softly pinched her hardened nipples.

“Very,” he flipped her onto her back and stared into her eyes as he laid on top of her. He’d never fell in love before. He could look back at his past girlfriends and say he was in like or in lust with a few.

Caleb never felt so strongly about any of them to help them detangle their hair. He couldn’t talk about his favorite hip-hop album and talk about systematic racism in the next breath with them.

Briana made him want to become a better man.

Caleb knew when he took his stance, there was a chance he was going to lose everything and that was still a possibility. With Briana by his side, he felt he gained everything and more.

All he wanted, all he needed, was her.

“You okay, baby?” She broke the silence.

“I’m fine. I just feel bad about something.”

“Oh?” Her eyes formed questioned marks. “What is it?”

“We spent so much time doing your hair this weekend and I’m about to mess it up in this garden.” He sat back on his heels and removed his shirt while Briana worked the zipper of his jeans. “Feeling a little guilty.”

Briana hastily removed her panties as Caleb grabbed them and tossed them aside. “Don’t.”

Briana grabbed a small handful of soil and spread it over her breasts, leading down to her navel where he smoothed his hands over her stomach. “Black on Black,” he cooed as he caressed her body with more soil. “Heaven. Earth.”

Briana closed her eyes and let out another small sigh. She felt his eyes travel from her most intimate parts to her face but she kept her eyes shut. She wanted to feel his energy, knowing how real and incomparable he was, and if she was truly ready to walk with him in the revolution.

Caleb’s fingertips gently touched her nipples again as she felt more soil spread on them. A hand cradled her neck while the other caressed her body. “Queen,” his voice came out like a moan, “everything.”

Briana wanted to say, ‘Oh, you just need to fuck me’ but knew her uncouth mouth would ruin a sensual moment. Instead, she relaxed her mind and body as Caleb worked his magic on her.

In the air with the crisp breeze of fall, sundown as their backdrop, and Caleb’s garden as their setting, Briana couldn’t have written a more sensual and romantic script. This is where she needed to be.




Superpower is tentatively scheduled to be released the week of October 10th. This is a fluid date. Stay tuned.

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