#FlashFriday: Superpower (State of Affairs II) #romance #contemporary

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“May I join you?” Caleb asked.

Briana stared at Caleb for a long while as they stood in front of each other, completely naked and raw. She slowly blinked and smiled in amazement at his physique. He was tatted across his chest and two full sleeves, but it didn’t look obscene.

He had a solid washboard stomach and strong, muscular legs. His cock wasn’t hard but the length and width of it answered the silent question she had earlier. Briana felt her mouth water.

When Briana met Caleb’s eyes again, she felt complete. She never wanted to cover up nor did she tell him to get out. Instead, she silently beckoned him to come inside the open shower with her.

Caleb walked to the shower and watched Briana rinse her hair again. He helped detangled it with one hand while the other wrapped around the small of her back. He began to kiss her neck, placing a series of small kisses all over her chest before softly kissing her nipples.

Briana let out a small sigh as she felt every emotion rise to the forefront – power, love, sensuality, and pure arousal. Caleb’s soft beard gently scraped Briana’s chest as his lips moved from one breast to the other.

Briana’s fingers became lost within Caleb’s hair as he kneeled down to kiss her navel and the inside of her thighs. Her breaths became short pants and the arousal shivers morphed into sharp pangs of desire.

“Mmm…” he buried his nose into her sex but didn’t kiss her. “…you smell so sweet, Queen.”

“Oh fuck!” Briana gasped as she looked down and saw Caleb wink at her. She held eye contact as a few moans left her breath and her chest heaved up and down. He didn’t penetrate her nor did he play with her pussy. Yet, Caleb had Briana in every single emotion.

She watched him stand up and he softly grabbed her face, crushing his lips upon hers as the shower rained on them both. It wasn’t just any kiss. Briana wished it were that simple but it was so much more.

It was power. It was love. It was the future. It was the beginning of being a part of the revolution, together.

Caleb’s tongue was expert on hers. His kisses were slow, hot, and methodical. He tasted every corner of her mouth without being pushy or rushing. He wanted to taste her, feel her, and explore her.

Caleb tasted like peppermint gum and a bit of vodka from earlier. He was gentle. He was rough. He took his time. He sped up at times. He didn’t make any demands but rather, his tongue simply repeated a phrase over and over…


Caleb was…perfect.

It was more than just feeling lightheaded or stolen breath, Briana hastily concluded. Caleb somehow made love to her brain and removed her ability to think coherently. All of her thoughts were replaced with him and how soon she would be able to feel him inside her.

“I can’t wait to hear what you sound like when you come all over my cock,” he whispered to her, “I can’t wait to hear your moans as I enter your tight pussy and you beg me not to stop.”

Briana could only moan in response. Her brain couldn’t form a coherent sentence. When Caleb suddenly pulled away from her, she felt a longing for his kiss again and that was a shock to her system. She’d never longed for any man, not even Jay.

Now Caleb had her all in her emotions and he barely kissed her. “Caleb…” Her lips quivered against his as his name came out like a hushed moan.

He flicked open a bottle. “But first, I need to deep condition your hair,” he grabbed a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo and spread it all over Briana’s hair. “I’ll wash your hair, Queen.”

Hearing Caleb call her his Queen did everything to Briana’s ovaries. She was beyond aroused and she nearly came by his words alone. “Yes, my King,” she nodded.


Yes, Lawd.

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