#TeaserTuesday: Superpower (State of Affairs II)

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Unedited 1st chapter snippet:

Fighting the oppressor was long and exhausting.

Sleeping with him had the same effect.

There would be a time later for hushed dirty talk, gasping moans, and body clutching as they climbed higher to ecstasy. There was more important business to worry about.

Another unarmed black male was killed. Another video. Another week.

Same bat time. Same bat station.

As Briana Gooding consulted with other activists and figured out a plan, she briefly wondered if the videotaped shootings were some sort of sign and warning – you keep revolting against us, and we’ll videotape your lynching for the world to see, nigger – and she just wasn’t paying close attention to the message.

She wondered if she was wasting her time. Protesting, meeting with families and loved ones, scheduling meetings with the mayor and city council took up a large chunk of her time. It didn’t leave much room for a dating life, not that she had a lot of prospects to begin with. And she barely saw her friends as it was.

Still, Briana couldn’t give up. She was the voice for those who couldn’t speak, who were too afraid to. She would take the beating if it meant she protected hundreds of others.

Once she changed her direction of protest, her voice became clearer. Briana’s online following exponentially grew and those in power began to take notice of her. It didn’t stop the daily threats and racist comments she’d received on a daily basis on social media but her support base became louder.

She finally closed her laptop for the evening and stood up to stretch as she contemplated her options. She didn’t know what she needed more – alcohol or dick – to relieve the growing frustration that built up inside her. She decided neither now would do. She rolled out her mat, stripped down to her skivvies, and began to do yoga.

Hopefully, that would calm down the growing impatience inside of her.


Fucking unbelievable.

As Caleb watched the video again, he let out a small breath. Another unarmed black male shooting. Hands in the air. Compliant. Father of three. Pastor. Community college professor. Tased and gunned down.

He’d heard stories about it before from his friends and other teammates. Caleb himself, was not immune to discrimination. He’d lost count the number of times he was followed in a store or had the police called on him because he looked suspicious in an affluent neighborhood. Superstar status or not, it didn’t matter to him. With a hoodie and some Timberlands on, he could pass for just a regular dude on the street.

He was used to questions about his racial identity his entire life – he was too fair to be considered Black but his facial features indicated he wasn’t just White.

His look was Mediterranean. Some thought he was Arab or Italian. Whenever people saw a picture with him and his adoptive family, there were questions and normally the finger always pointed at his mother, who people non-silently accused of having an affair some years ago.

It didn’t matter to Caleb Kelly. He knew who he was and what he was. He never had to prove he was down for any cause nor did he have to assimilate to fit in with the rest. Love him or hate him. Take him or leave him.

Hello gorgeous.

Briana Gooding’s tweets popped up on his timeline and Caleb took a minute to read them. He was stunned by her beauty and grace. She was unabashedly, unashamedly, and unapologetically Black and he loved that about her.

She was a natural leader, well versed on many subjects that affected the poor and disenfranchised. Her quick tongue silenced her detractors. She was a woman confident in her own and didn’t need another.

He silently hoped, however, she had some room in her life for him. Her intelligence was a real turn-on and he’d already began to imagine how their children would look like.

Caleb chuckled at himself. He just dropped off the Thot of the Year back at the airport and here he was, pining after a woman he couldn’t possibly attain. A woman like her wouldn’t bother with a professional athlete, no matter how much they had in common.

Such as his life. He was a beast on the field but his personal life was a hot-ass mess and constant fodder for the gossip blogs.

He sent a quick tweet to Briana and closed his laptop. He quickly finished his drink and headed upstairs for bed. If he couldn’t have her in real life, he would just fantasize about his dream woman. That was good enough for him.


Superpower release date TBA soon.

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