#TeaserTuesday: State of Affairs II

State of Affairs - large

“It’s unacceptable to protest against the flag,” the reporter commented.

“It’s also unacceptable police are out here killing unarmed Black men and women, but I guess Black people aren’t allowed to feel outraged about it, huh?” Caleb replied. “You don’t want us in the streets. You don’t want us burning down buildings. You don’t want us hashtagging. You don’t want us sitting down for a flag that was never for us. You and so many of your ilk are up in arms about your precious anthem but fail to understand the lyrics did not and still doesn’t apply to Black people. Back then, my ancestors were in the kitchens and fields, preparing feasts for your ancestors as they celebrated their freedom.

“So, Ms. Reporter, you tell me, how do you want us Black folk to protest? Please tell me. I got time today.”


Get to know quarterback Caleb Kelly when State of Affairs II is out later this month.

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