SundaySnippet: Scoring Chance #newadult #contemporary #romance

Scoring Chance 1400x2100

It was her, God, and Chance the Rapper.

Sydney wasn’t a fan of hip-hop. Too many misogynistic lyrics, and people yelling in her ears talking about sex, drugs, slang words she honestly had no idea what the hell they meant for her to put everything all aside to thoroughly enjoy the music and beats.

Yet, Dean somehow influenced her. He actually listened to good music and she could understand what the rappers enunciated without wanting the need to consult a thesaurus.

As “Angels” blasted in the background, Sydney focused on her side project for her upcoming art show. She decided she needed to show everyone what she was really about aside from the protest drawings and sentimental feelings. She wanted to show the raw sexual and sensual side of her.

Her side art forum was going to be called a rather unoriginal name – SydNASTY.

It was a name Sarah came up with and while Sydney wasn’t sold on it at first, she eventually grew to like it. Sydney was fun, pure, and innocent. SydNASTY, however, was raw and unbridled. That woman was someone who enjoyed sex and had no qualms getting dirty and nasty while she did it.

Lips biting, tongues twisting, hands holding, and soft gasps in the night. Hair pulling, ass slapping, dirty talking with begs, moans, and pleads were the name of the game. The nastier, the better.

Where’s Dean?

Sydney felt her skin become hot and her breaths slowed down to a steady tempo. She didn’t mind taking care of business until he arrived home but she also could wait if needed be. A vibrator could only do so much.

Dean was an expert on her body, knowing it better than Sydney knew it herself. His strong hands smoothed over her curves and supple skin as if she were his personal maze. Her sighs and moans were cues he was doing it right; her non-reaction told him he needed to try harder or move onto something else.

The orgasms Dean gifted to her left Sydney shaking, sweaty, and unable to convey proper sentences. His tongue flicked on her as he held her steady with his hands firmly gripped on her hips. He kissed and sucked her pearl, using circular motions when appropriate and rapid licking when his tongue narrowed.

When he finally entered her, he made love to her with slow and steady strokes before he built up to a hypnotizing rhythm that was only learned by experience. He stretched her to the limit as she quivered and shook around his length, encouraging him to orgasm with each stroke until he finally did, collapsing on top of her as he called out her name and emptied inside her.

Fuck, where is my man?


Scoring Chance is still tentatively scheduled to drop on Tuesday, though it might be pushed back a day or two.