#FlashFriday: Scoring Chance #newadult #romance #contemporary

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“Come here, bae.” She mouthed.

Dean shed his clothing and walked towards her. The cool air of Manhattan Beach greeted his muscular body as he stepped outside once again. He was thankful he decided to shower at the gym before he headed home so he could focus all of his attention on her.

He saw why Sydney loved to paint naked. It was freeing and she was simply one with God. Her soul was at ease and her face was relaxed. Her free spirit transcended above everything and all she cared was what was going to be on the canvas.

It was how he could relate to her in some form. When Dean was on the ice, all he thought about was scoring and blocking, getting into his opponents’ heads before they made one shot. They were two artists in different mediums and somehow understood each other.

Sydney held up her wine glass and Dean took a sip of the too-sweet beverage as he held onto her waist. She smelled like jasmine and peonies and her skin was lightly oiled. Incense burned from a small distance and filled the air with patchouli. “What’s this?” He motioned to the canvas.

“It’s for SydNASTY,” she mentioned, “I’m trying to show my raw sexual side.”

“That’s one of my favorite sides of you,” he kissed her neck and smoothed his hands along her body.

“Mmm,” Sydney moaned as she leaned back against her boyfriend. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“You have?” Dean murmured. “And what have you thought about me?”

“How much I want to taste you,” she nodded as he cupped her breasts. They were covered in paint and it made her sexier to him.

“Ohhhh,” Dean moaned in her ear, “I love it when you taste me.”

“I love the smell, the feel of you.” Sydney nodded. “How velvety hard you are as you grow into my hands and mouth.” She turned around and stared into her lover’s eyes. They were full of heat and want. “I love how you dribble down my chin and out of the sides of my mouth. I always love to swallow you whole.”

Dean loved it when Sydney dirty talked him. It went beyond the typical porn banter. It sounded like poetry as it flowed out of her mouth. “Damn, baby.”

She slowly kneeled down and kissed Dean’s inner thighs as she held steady with them. He was lightly-shaven with a smooth patch of hair leading down to his shaft. “So beautiful, babe,” she licked the underside like it was a long lollipop and kissed the tip before inserting him whole into her inviting mouth.

Sydney relaxed her throat before taking him in more and slowly pleased him as Dean looked on. She took him so beautifully and watching her was like an art form. She actually cared about pleasing him and not like some groupie from the past who just did for bragging rights.

No, Sydney was a woman who loved sex and wasted no opportunity to get it when she could.

Dean stopped her before he was about to release and backed her up against the wet canvas, covered in multicolored paint. “Did I just ruin your art?” He asked.

“No,” her eyes softened to a light brown, “you’re about to create one with me.”


Scoring Chance is tentatively scheduled to be released on Tuesday. (I might have to postpone it by a few days but we’ll see. I’m still planning a Tuesday release.)

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