Shocked and Awed…

I’m going to keep it 100…
I’m legit surprised at well State of Affairs is doing.
I know a lot of writers and authors don’t want to go into political and social commentary with their work for fear of alienating audiences. Some just want to entertain and that’s it (and there’s nothing wrong with that).
Although I’m pretty vocal on Twitter, I am really about that life offline. It would do a disservice to my audience and new people I’ll reach, to not incorporate what is going on into my work somehow.
I cannot write a Black heroine, in an interracial relationship, and not touch on what is reality. And honestly, all of my work have been like that in some form. It may not have been obvious at the time but it’s always been there. Even going back to The Nanny, where one of the big issues was Tiana wanted to wear her hair natural and stop relying on relaxers.
The Ex-Factor, by far, is the Blackest book I’ve ever wrote, LOL. Beside it being a Scott and Mariana book, I think the numerous issues made you, the reader, relate to the struggles Mariana went through (and if you read carefully, she struggled with quite a bit).
With Sydney Walker (Breakaway), all of her art reflects Black women. One of my favorite pieces she drew in the story (and I wish I could see someone draw this in real life) was Bree Newsome climbing to remove the Confederate flag with Black people past and present watching her.
My newest heroine, Briana, of State of Affairs; she’s a Black woman who’s at the epicenter of protests, but she’s also getting attacked from all sides. She wants to do the work but there are people who want her to shut up and *remain* invisible. She’s struggling with Jay wanting to help her, but her own don’t.
While I do the light and carefree stories, I do appreciate those who enjoy the heavier work. I often get emails from readers who are so just thankful and just so gracious that they read one of my works at the *right time* in their lives.
I normally don’t do long-winded stuff like this. I honestly would rather have my work speak for itself and you draw your own conclusions about it later. I honestly felt compelled from the bottom of my heart to say thank you. You’re amazing, you’re awesome, you’re the best support group and readers a girl can have!

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  1. Musings IRJ says:

    I admit that I struggled with some sections of the story, particularly Briana agreeing to a relationship with Jay. I just think she deserves better. Not because of Jay’s ideals necessarily, but because of his lifestyle and her role in it. That being said, the storyline itself is killer! Briana definitely holds her own, but she is no match for Sanora, and that’s where my biggest struggle is. I don’t want her playing second fiddle to nobody. But I get it…

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