#SundaySnippet: Scoring Chance (Breakaway V)

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After a disastrous first half, it was time to get serious and win the game.

Hockey superstar Dean Winchester is willing to do anything to win his girlfriend back and put aside his insecurities about her relationship with her curator/boss. However, a mistake during their break-up has the potential of ruining everything he and Sydney had built.

Up and coming artist Sydney Walker admitted she was a bit naïve in her dealings with Dean but she is fully committed to working on their relationship. With her art curator promising her the world and fame, she can only go up. But when a blast from Dean’s past threatens to come back and destroy them, Sydney feels it’s time to play fire with water.

Can Sydney and Dean survive a potential scandal? Or would they have exposed themselves for absolutely nothing?

Scoring Chance is the fifth book in the Breakaway series. It is a standalone New Adult romance that deals with second chances, trust issues, and true love.

Unedited Snippet:

“Come help me with this,” she changed the subject and beckoned him to her. “I’m working on a piece and I need your opinion on it.”

“Okay,” Dean walked over to his ex and stood next to her. He saw a faint outline of two bodies in a sexual position. A woman was leaned over on top of a man. She had one hand on his chest, while his hands were cradling her ass as she rode him.

Dean immediately thought about him and Sydney. As he viewed the drawing, it was easy to come to that conclusion. The woman’s hair was long and flowy while the man’s hair was splayed out behind him.

Dean also didn’t want to think he was looking at an erotic image of themselves when Sydney could’ve had someone completely different in mind. “What am I looking at?”

Sydney wanted to say he was looking at a self-portrait of themselves but kept that information private. “Do you feel anything about this? I’m trying to convey love and emotion.”

Dean twitched in his jeans again and adjusted his stance. “What’s it called?”

“Either Breakfast Can Wait or Insatiable. I can’t really decide between the titles.” She crossed her arms. “I was also thinking No Angel.”

“Well, no. Only one fits.” Dean walked over to the sketch and began tracing it with his fingers. “Your audience needs to feel the emotion of the people connected. What is she feeling? What is he feeling? What is transcending between the two of them? Are they in love? Are they in lust? When he enters her, what is going through his head? Does he just want to get his rocks off? Is that the father of her children? What’s going on here?” He was met with silence. “Sydney? Did I say too much—” He turned around and noticed she stripped down to her bikini bottom. She was topless.

Dean stared at the goddess before him. His eyes traveled from her painted toenails to her toned legs and abs. Tattoos graced her arms and Dean could admit she was the only girl who could rock a sleeve and still be sexy as all get out.

Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass and Dean could see the small rise of her chest. Vegas was officially a month prior and they’d played it safe. They went on dates but they’d never spent the night. Instead, they talked about anything and everything under the sun, sometimes with Dean leaving at daybreak.

Other than the intense dry humping session in Vegas, nothing physical past kissing occurred between the couple. They both felt that step would be taken when it appropriate and when they both were ready. It was no doubt in Dean’s mind where Sydney stood.

“Do we still have to take things slow?” She asked.

Dean peeled off his shirt. “Hell, no.” He walked over to Sydney and picked her up before laying her down on the sofa behind her. He shed his clothing and grabbed a condom from his back pocket.

“I want to put it on you,” Sydney sat up on her elbows. “Please?”

Dean saw the smoldering look in her eyes and a soft grunt escaped his lips. Sydney hurried over to him, ripped the foil packaging open, and covered him. Their mouths fused together as Sydney pulled Dean on top of her back on the sofa.

Dean slid the bikini bottom to the side and entered her. Sydney gasped and Dean groaned as he completely filled her. She softly convulsed and tightly gripped him as he slowly eased himself inside her.

He moved inside her with deep and powerful strokes before he increased his tempo to hard and fast. He wanted to hear her moans, her screams, and her cries. He wanted to feel the deep welts in his back as she couldn’t get enough of him.

Every stroke was a silent gesture to Sydney – you’re mine. Now and forever.


Scoring Chance will be out September 6th and everywhere – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Google Play, All Romance, and also in print!

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