#SundaySnippet: Scoring Chance #newadult #romance #contemporary

“Now this…this right here…this is King Jeffrey.”

Sydney glanced up at the monstrous toy stuffed giraffe. “You big.”

Demand of Sydney’s work generated buzz throughout L.A. because of her preview and she scored her first high-profile client – Major League Baseball’s pitcher king, Quinn “The Answer” Riordan.

Quinn was an enigma of sorts. He came from the armpit of Kentucky where all he knew were ranches and cows. He gained his muscular physique by being a farmhand and thought gyms were a waste of money. He saw no issue drinking a protein shake as he snacked on McDonald’s fries. He would head-bang to Metallica before he serenaded a sweet song by the Backstreet Boys a minute later and ending his set by spitting bars from his favorite Drake album.

And then there were his quirks. He loved Legos so much, he had an entire room in his palatial estate just for them. His obsession with giraffes carried through to adulthood and while he didn’t want to own one, he made it a point to visit the zoo on a bi-weekly basis to look at them in person. His Instagram feed was full of him cheesing next to giraffes at various zoos all over the world.

On the diamond, however, Quinn was a beast. His 21-year-old arm didn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon as he averaged 90 mph. No batter could ever prepare for him and he was notorious to switch it up and create new pitches just to psyche out his opponents.

He was called “The Answer” due to a now-infamous interview response:

“When the batter steps up to that plate, they ask me a question. They never mouth it, they never actually say it, but they do suggestive things like point their bat to the sky behind me, or give me a wink. You know what that question is? Do you think you’re going to strike me out? And of course, I always give them a deafening answer.”

And he was Sydney’s new client.


Get to know Quinn Riordan in Scoring Chance.

His standalone story will be out in a few months.