Sneak Peek: Soul Infinity Crew #YA

I’ve debated on when to release this story and I think the reaction of State of Affairs spurned me to do it sooner than later so here it is! It’ll be marketed to a different audience (teens and fantasy) so there’s that and I probably won’t promote it very much on this blog, but on wattpad and tumblr.

Yeah! This story is finally being released. I’m so jazzed about this!!


He didn’t want to make a decision to take her off life support until all resources were exhausted, but Scott was running out of time and options. “I told you I didn’t want her to attend the bonfire,” he finally spoke.

Mariana glanced up at her husband. He’d barely spoke to her since Olivia’s accident and if Mariana didn’t know better, Scott silently blamed her for their daughter being in the hospital. “You were overreacting and I didn’t think anything was going to happen.”

“Well, something did.”

“Give me a break, Scott! That comet could’ve hit anywhere.” Mariana defended herself. “You honestly think it wouldn’t have happened anywhere else?”

“It didn’t happen anywhere else. It happened at a place where baby girl had no business being at, to begin with.”

“I don’t believe you,” Mariana shook her head and folded her arms across her chest, “next thing you’re going to tell me you blame me for her accident.” She was met with silence by her husband. Tears welled in Mariana’s eyes and her lips quivered. “Y-y-you don’t blame me, do you?” She was met with a brick wall of silence. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” She rushed out of the room in tears.



Details soon. To read the beginning of the book, go here.