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Hello family!

I hope you’re doing well on this lovely August day. Can you believe it’s August? OMG. So crazy, huh?  I just enrolled Bear into preschool the other day! Yeah, preschool! So crazy!

Enough small talk and chatter, let’s get down to business on book release updates:

  • Scoring Chance (Breakaway series V): This book was going to be delayed a bit but I’m thinking about pushing it back up to the original release of September.
  • Untitled baseball story (Quinn Riordan): This character was introduced in The Ex-Factor, though he didn’t have a speaking role. I’m still outlining his story and it should be out soon.
  • War (D’Amato Brothers VI): Still can’t believe I’m on a sixth book of this family.  I’m still debating when this book will come out (originally set for Thanksgiving) but the content of the book tells me otherwise so it might be pushed back to beginning of next year. I strongly suggest to those who are emotionally invested in the Faith and Eli trilogy, to not try to predict what will happen. There are three potential conclusions and I’m solidly favoring one of them.
  • Book Two of State of Affairs: I’m still gauging reaction. The reaction has been positive so far. I do encourage you to leave a review because I often gauge interest by that as well. (More reviews, books and series tend to come out sooner…*hint, hint*)
  • Way Back Now (Contemporary, sensual May-December romance): Very little interest in this story so I won’t pursue it now. It’ll probably be a soft release later this year.
  • Jackson & Liane Book Three (Untitled): As I mentioned in a previous post, this book will be a soft release and I won’t promote it at all. It’ll just show up on Amazon, All Romance, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc sometime this month of August.

As always, I respectfully decline all group discussions and invites nor will I be starting up another group discussion. 

That’s it! I should have at least four more books out by the end of the year. Very busy here.

Stay beautiful and blessed! xoxoxo


P.S. Oh, one last thing…

The Ex-Factor Medium

Something involving this couple might be out later this year. We’ll see what it is! 🙂

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  1. staceymkindles says:

    Mistress V i really enjoyed Senator Jay Edwards looking forward to what happens next. I’m excited about all of your future projects but I’m partial to Eli and Faith I’m hoping that they will get their hea but I trust you to bring eveything full circle. With that being said thank you for blessing us with your gift of storytelling.

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