#TeaserTuesday: Way Back Now #romance #contemporary


Unedited Snippet:

“I just hate that you think you can waltz back into my life like nothing ever happened between us and I’m supposed open my arms and legs to you like a Snuggie?” Aliana asked. “Whatever! Bye, Felicia!”

“First off, it was a chance opportunity between us and that’s something even you can’t deny. I didn’t expect to sleep with you but if it happens, well, yes, that would be pretty awesome.” Steve added. “Second, who’s Felicia?”

“It’s a saying…”Alicia gesticulated. “….like have you ever seen Friday?”

“Friday?” Steve shrugged.

“You know, Ice Cube? Chris Tucker?” She looked in his eyes for any validation and it was a blank slate. “Deebo? Big Worm?”

“Now, I recognize the first two but the last ones?” He asked. “Are these peoples’ real names?”


Way Back Now is slated to drop later this month or early September. Not your typical second-chance, May-December romance. (Sensual, not erotic.)