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Briana felt her voice caught her throat and she felt muted. As she watched Jay part her thighs and place soft kisses inside each thigh, she couldn’t help but think how great he looked with his nose buried inside her pussy. “Jay…I…”

“What do you want me to do, Briana? ” He murmured. “Do you want me to touch you? Do you want me to eat your pussy? Do you want me to stop and have you return to your hotel? Tell me what you want me to do and I will.”

She licked her lips and released a small series of short breaths to stave off the arousal. She felt powerless yet she wanted Jay to do everything to her. “Touch me,” she whispered.

Jay climbed back up to Briana and swept his lips over hers before pushing his tongue inside. Slow, sensual, and deliberate. One of his hands rested between her thighs while the other cradled her neck.

“Where do you want me to touch you?” His fingers inched closer to her sex.

Briana sighed and pushed out a harsh breath. “My…my…”

“Your what?”

“My pussy,” she moaned.

The soft stubble of Jay’s beard grazed Briana’s cheek as his tongue danced with hers. It was then Briana knew the game was over before it started. She felt her will melt away as her head fell back against the soft cushion of the seat. Her thighs soon parted to make way for his fingers.

Jay slid a finger along Briana’s wet slit and felt his cock hardened. She was so wet, tight, and hot. He couldn’t wait to be inside her. No, business first. They needed to have a conversation about what the expectation was before pleasure could resume.


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