#MidWeekTease: Power #erotica #contemporary #kindle


“So, you and your wife share?” Briana asked as Jay gave a slight shrug.

“We’re polyamorous,” he explained, “what is understood doesn’t need to be explained.”

“That makes no sense,” Jay cut her a sharp glance and Briana retreated, “what I meant was, your marriage. People are voting for you because they think the two of you represent an ideal. You’re a sham.”

“Everyone’s a sham. How you present yourself in public is quite different from who you are in private.” Jay defended, “You will not believe the number of perverts that are in Congress as we speak.”

“That’s not a fair comparison,” Briana stopped speaking when Jay rested his hand in between her warm thighs and cradled the left one. His thumb stroked the inside of her thigh as he studied the Cleveland sky. She felt warmth and most dangerously, power, radiating from his touch to hers. She bolstered the strength to continue. “People think you and Jessica are a loving, monogamous couple.”

“What we do in the privacy behind closed doors has no effect on what bills are signed into law, contrary to what the public thinks. I can fuck my wife and ten minutes later, I can meet with the head of the NRA. What does one have to do with the other?” He asked and Briana raised an eyebrow. “If she wants to sleep with another man, I most certainly know about it. If I want to sleep with another woman,” he turned his head and held her gaze, “she’ll arrange for it to happen.”

Briana felt her stomach twist in knots and she steadied her breathing. She was aroused, yet, there was a simmering anger beneath the surface. She began to think that everything that took place over the last few days wasn’t a coincidence, after all. She and her friends had an incredible amount of luck since their arrival for the convention and Briana honestly thought it was just the positive affirmations and good karma she’d put out to the Earth. She now realized it was the Edwards camp putting things into motion.

She didn’t know if she was impressed or disgusted she was a pawn in their game. “You brought me here so you can fuck me and forget about all of the protests against you?”

“I brought you here so I can fuck you, yes,” Jay slid over to Briana and caressed her face, “but you and I both know, bella, you had the same intentions.”

Briana felt Jay’s soft breath against her lips and resisted the urge to kiss him. “Bullshit,” she spat.

“Oh?” His eyes danced with the challenge. “Short skirt, stilettos, and a top barely held together with some string?” He inched closer to her. “What protestor do you know wears that as they’re about to meet with a Senator?”


Get to know Senator Jay Edwards when Power is released later this month. It’s a short erotic story.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out next year.