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The Ex-Factor Medium

He appeared at her suite and Mariana opened the door. His breath was stolen when he saw her. She wore a white Herve Ledger bandage dress with matching Manolo Blahniks. The dress hugged every curve and accentuated her perfectly rounded ass and thick thighs. Her hair was in a half up-do and her signature loose waves flowed down her back. Her makeup was light and natural, with nudes and browns to highlight her complexion. “What do you think?” She smiled.

“Breathtaking,” he whispered.

Mariana swallowed her nerve. She expected him to say nice or lovely, even. But breathtaking? She felt she needed to change her panties already. “Thank you. Please come in.”

Scott entered her room carrying a small gift bag. “For you.”

Mariana gave a shy smile. Scott loved to spoil her and her closet was evidence of it. “You didn’t have to.”

“I know but I wanted to.” He handed her the gift. “Open it. I want you to wear it tonight.”

Mariana took the small gift bag and looked at the brand. It was from Solomon Brothers. She’d never heard of them but she knew Scott had exquisite taste. She took out the large velvet box and opened it. Her mouth dropped to the floor once she saw the amethyst and pave diamond pendant shining back at her. She didn’t know how much it cost but she was very sure it wasn’t cheap. “This is beautiful.”

“Only the best for you,” Scott sat beside her and removed the pendant from the box. Mariana held up her hair as he placed the necklace on her. “Go take a look at yourself, baby.”

Mariana walked over to the mirror and touched the pendant. It looked amazing against her light brown skin and added the pop of color she needed. “This is so beautiful, Scott.”

“You’re welcome,” he stood behind her with his hands in his pockets, “I love the way my money looks on you.”

She softly chuckled. She loved the way he spoiled her. It was something she’d quickly gotten used to. “Shall we go?”

He held out his arm and Mariana interlocked her arm with his. “Let’s go.”

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