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I don’t talk about politics a lot on this page (or anywhere else) because it’s just something I rather avoid. I also don’t want to influence anyone’s voting decision (I said the same thing four years ago so this isn’t a new feeling).
That being said, I was inspired by this election’s circus so I’m working a short (probably erotic) that’ll come out by the end of the month. Yes, this month July.
And it’s starring….
Senator Jay Edwards.
I’m not sure if his wife will be involved (maybe in a small bit role) but it’ll primarily focus on Senator Edwards.
To give you an idea on what he’s like, here’s a snippet for the new readers:

I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my way in the end.

Senator Jay Edwards smiled as he remembered the famous quote made by Margaret Thatcher. He was considered to be one of the most welcoming and nice people in office, as long as no one crossed him. Many didn’t. Those who did made sure not to make the same mistake twice.

His patience had paid off, winning yet another election this past November with loud whispers of a future White House run; his party already started the campaigning, though the election wouldn’t be for another two and a half years. He didn’t mind soaking up the limelight, though. If his face being plastered all over TV, internet, and magazines meant more attention to the causes he was so passionate about, it was great.

The Beautiful Asshole. It was a nickname he didn’t coin himself but rather, some fellow female colleagues in office. The beautiful part was due to his dashing movie star looks—he stood over six feet tall, kept his ebony hair trimmed, and had a shade of blue eyes that alternated between cobalt and sea blue. His smile boasted of perfect teeth and he made sure he flashed it often; he never knew when there would be a potential photo-op.

The asshole part of the nickname wasn’t too hard to figure out and it was due to his take-no-prisoners attitude. Did he consider himself an asshole? Well, it depended on the definition. He wasn’t a pushover and he occasionally (in truth, it was often) used emotional and political blackmail to get what he wanted with no fights or complaints. That nickname from his own party, he didn’t mind.

It was the other nickname—The Breck Girl, after the old beauty advertisements showcasing illustrious hair and styling—that made his anger quiver with impatience. His political rivals called him that at every opportunity and Jay thought it was cute at first until one of them threw shade at him by mentioning a certain time of the month and maybe he should go buy some Tampax. Jay made a silent note—that rival was not only going to be politically killed, Jay was going to make sure he would be burned alive.

All of that would have to wait until the next day. One of Jay’s biggest supporters was holding a special Valentine’s Day fundraiser for him and while Jay was annoyed it was being held on what he considered to be the most romantic day of the year, it was too important for him to skip it. The excuse of wanting to make love to his wife all night just wouldn’t fly, though it sounded right in his head.

It was Valentine’s Day and he had planned a special dinner with his wife, Jessica. “Special” as in they both would rather be anywhere else other than attending a fundraiser in his honor. But, money talks and it is quite loud when it wants to be, especially with whispers and nudges of a potential presidential run.

Pleasing his constituents was in the back of Jay’s mind, though. His only concern was pleasing his wife this particular night. She’d made specific orders—no gift over $25 and Jay could admit he was stumped. Granted, they didn’t need more extravagant and expensive purchases in their homes and they desperately needed to downsize. But a $25 gift was something he hadn’t done since his college days, and even then it was a hard task.

“Shouldn’t you be getting home to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your wife, Senator?” Jay’s assistant, Aileen, peeked into his office. She glanced at her diamond-encrusted watch, a gift from the senator for her services, and eyeballed the time. “If you leave now, you’ll be able to make the fundraiser on time.”

“I plan to be fashionably late,” Jay replied, with slight annoyance in his voice. “Who in the hell throws a fundraiser on Valentine’s Day, anyway?”

“The ones with the biggest mouths and deepest pockets,” Aileen smiled. “Besides, with all of that talk about you being president in a couple of years, it’s better for you to go out now and mingle with all the folks who can make a difference.”

“Aileen, come here for a minute, will you?” He beckoned her and she closed the door behind her. She sat down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Do you think I’ll make a good president?”

“I think so,” she tilted her head slightly; letting the moonlight hit the amber of her eyes, making them sparkle. “You’re intelligent, have a lot of charisma, and it seems both parties like you. You have the support of the veterans because you are one. You have the support of the inner-city because of all of the work you do there. I’ve heard very few bad things about you.”

“Bad things about me?” Jay raised an eyebrow. “What bad things? I’m an angel!”

“I know that and you know that, but sometimes…” Aileen’s voice trailed off.


“You’re a little rough around the edges, Sir.” She addressed him properly. “You can be a bit of a hardass if you don’t get your way.”

“I’m supposed to be,” Jay rubbed Aileen’s back, “you see, if I’m weak, people will take advantage. But, if I tell them to fuck off, no one messes with me.”

“Very few do, Sir.” She smiled again.

“And I hope it stays that way,” Jay replied. “But enough about my political ambitions for a short while. I need you to help me with something.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“I have a task for you. A very short notice task. You need to get this done tonight, before your Mistress and I arrive home.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You know what your Mistress likes, right?”

“Yes, Master.” Aileen replied.

“So what in the hell do I give her?” Jay chuckled. “I guess I could run out to the local pharmacy and pick up a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. It might be slim pickings but it’ll do.”

“May I offer a suggestion, Master?” Aileen offered.

“You may.”

“Look in that drawer right there, Master,” she nodded to a lower left side drawer. “There’s your gift to Mistress.”

Jay reached down and opened the drawer. A bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, and card awaited him. “You’re a lifesaver, caramellino.”

“I’ll do anything to please you, Master.” She ran a hand through his hair. “Making you happy is all this girl wants to do.”

Jay kissed His submissive, their lips meeting over and over in a twist of hunger and desire. “I love that My girl wants to keep Me happy.”

“Is there anything else this girl can do before You leave for the night?”

“I know I probably shouldn’t spoil my appetite before dinner,” Jay snapped his fingers and Aileen immediately kneeled before Him and began to unbuckle His pants. She unzipped His trousers and pulled out His hardened cock. She wrapped her lips around Him and began to please her Master. “But I think if I have a small bite, it won’t hurt…”

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