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Yes, I know this is yet another untitled book. I have a few working titles but I don’t know where I’m going with them quite yet. I’m leaning towards a variation of Favorite Mistake (His Favorite Mistake/Her Favorite Mistake/Their Favorite Mistake).

Blurb to come later. It’s a May-December romance so my characters are a bit older than what I usually write and the age gap is wider.

I did find a muse for my heroine when she was younger:


Model @misskellykel

Isn’t she gorgeous? Of course, the newest picture of Adina Howard brought me to my knees and inspired me for my muse when she’s older in the story:


Yeah, she’s 43. Won’t. God. Do. It?

So, the story is an interesting one. I won’t reveal too much but I will say it does take place at one point in the characters lives and then restart again at a more recent point. So, you could say it takes place over 20 years. But yeah, it’s a different type of story. It probably won’t be erotic but very sensual, with a few naughty bits. It definitely won’t be an erotica.

Enough babbling, onto the snippet…


It was a little after six in the morning when Aliana arrived back home.

It wasn’t her intention to stay with Steve as long as she did. She wanted to lie and said it wasn’t her intention to sleep with him again but it was bullshit. Shit to the bull. The moment she picked him up at the airport and the subtle ‘fuck me’ eye exchanges to each other told her everything.

As she pulled into her garage and turned off the engine, Aliana sat in silence. The cardinal rule was broken. Things were better between them now. Things were actually worse in other ways. At some point, her and Steve were going have to have a Come to Jesus meeting about their relationship but it was too soon for that.

She leaned forward and draped herself over the steering wheel as soft flashbacks struck her.

“God, I missed this pussy,” he moaned in her ear as he drove into her. He trailed his tongue from her ear to her neck, increasing his tempo as she softly moaned and clawed at his back.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

“Yeah, fuck me is absolutely right,” Aliana shook her head. It was perfect. From the moment he mounted her to the various position changes to Steve pounding her so hard, they banged the headboard against the wall. He was rough when he needed to be and gentle when she wanted him. They interlaced fingers when he was on top of her and again, it was her turn to ride him.

She let out another sigh. She always got into the most precarious relationships with troubled men. It was like there was a magnet on her forehead that glared out, ‘I will fix your problems for just a good dickdown’ and they all came running to her. They all were very different – John, Dave, Jeff, and Steve. They all, however, were very much alike. They were broken in some form and she often played therapist in addition to girlfriend.

As much as she wanted to blame the men, Aliana also knew she was the culprit. She was the common denominator in all of the relationships. Self-awareness could be a bitch at times, knocking a person cold on their behind as reality delivered blow after blow.

Truth was, she’d never eradicated Steve out of her system, not with their storied history. Only a few close people knew and the number was less than a hand count. Not even her exes knew out of fear loose lips would ruin Steve’s reputation more than hers. She felt an innate need to protect him more than the others.

She wondered what was going to happen between them now that something big happened. Making love one time might have been a mistake, but they went at it four times. That was officially a habit.


Untitled is scheduled to be released sometime in August. Details to come.

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