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The Ex-Factor Medium

“Get undressed,” he ordered.

“Yes!” Mariana shed her clothing as Scott quickly removed his. He moved her against the wall and wrapped one leg around his waist.

His eyes narrowed and jaw tightly clenched. “Don’t ever think anything less of yourself. Your fear will kill any hopes and dreams you have and I won’t allow that to happen. Not on my watch.” He demanded. “You’re one of the best employees at MRS and everyone knows it. You’re going to be amazing on this campaign and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

Scott’s declaration made Mariana’s eyes water. He truly believed in her, even when he didn’t always say it. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“You’re welcome, baby.” He slid inside her and she gasped in response. “But pleasure first, business later.” He moved slowly, at first, before he built a solid rhythm. “I’ve been thinking about tasting your sweet pussy all morning. Having your cum drip down my chin as I come up from licking your cunt. I love how tight you keep it for me and only me,” he grunted to her, “your cunt is so hot and tight around my cock.”

“Yes,” Mariana tightly wrapped her arms around Scott’s neck as he pounded into her. “I need to feel more of you.”

Scott buried himself completely inside her and Mariana screamed his name. His thickness made her gasp and sharp intake of air escaped her mouth. “Open for me,” he directed.

Mariana nodded and waited as she accommodated his size. No mater how many times they’ve made love, she never got used to it. “I’m ready.”

“Oh, I know you are.” He pulled back a little before he slammed into her again, rocking his hips against hers. “It stops here, Mari. You’re mine. Everything about you belongs to me.” His savagely kissed her, plunging his tongue in and out of her mouth in furious strokes along the same tempo of his cock. He buried his face into her neck as she moaned his name.

“That’s it,” he continued his relentless drive into her, “the only sound you need to make is screaming my name.” He fucked her, claimed her once again she was his and would always be. “I love how you take this cock, your cock. You take it all and still hungry for more.”

Mariana shuddered and nodded. No words could come out even if she wanted to speak. She mewled and moaned as her walls clenched around his cock. It didn’t matter who was after Scott or even who came before him. He put all other men to shame.


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