#ThrowbackThursday: S&M IV #nook #kindle #ebook


Scott felt a chilly front from his ex and it was colder than the air conditioner in his car. “So why are you still mad at me?”

Really? Mariana folded her arms and concentrated on the outside view. “Let’s not go there.”

“Oh,” Scott softly replied, “I touched a nerve.”

“After everything you have done to me…” She muttered. “I bet your favorite song is ‘Wake Up Alone.’”

“Actually it’s 99 Problems,” he retorted, “followed by my new favorite, ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.’” Scott pulled over to an empty parking lot and parked the car. He turned off the engine and got out of the car. Mariana promptly followed. “Let it all out,” He gesticulated.

“You implied you cheated on me and you didn’t give me a straight answer,” she chose her words carefully, “so while you might be telling the truth about Sarah, you never said Erin was lying. That’s why I don’t like you.”

Scott looked into the windows of Mariana’s soul. “That’s rich.”

Mariana saw the bait Scott laid out and ate it. “How?”

“I caught you on a date with Bernard but yet the thought of me being unfaithful to you somehow got you shook,” his voice was calm as if they were discussing the weather. “I never cheated on you, by the way. Thank you for the trust in me.”

“It wasn’t a date,” she defended, “and I explained that already.”

“It was a date and your deer in the headlights look when I caught you two explained everything,” he replied, “and yet you’re going out to lunch with me?”

“Free lunch and you’re buying,” she countered, “I would be stupid to turn that down.”

“You didn’t have to come at all, you know this.” He slightly raised his voice. “You could’ve hung up on me.”

“And you would’ve called and called until I spoke to you,” she met his glance, “am I right?”

“I know my limits, Mari,” he shrugged, “believe it or not, when a woman says no, I do listen.”

“Is that right?” She smirked.

“Have you actually said no to me?” He asked. He waited a few moments and Mariana’s silence was deafening. “I thought so.”

“I can say no in different ways without actually saying it,” Mariana thought of their BDSM play. She’d only muttered the word red once and Scott firmly stopped. “So yes, I have said no to you.”

“I can turn around now and take you back to work,” his voice was rife with irritation, “I didn’t offer to take you out just to argue on how big of an asshole I am. We both know I am.”

“You want to know why I’m pissed off at you, Scott?” She yelled.

“Please?” He yelled back.

“I’m pissed because you left me high and dry, not once but fucking twice! Come to think of it, you did that our entire fucking relationship! When I finally get back on my feet, you sweep in like you’re a fucking white knight and then you disappear like you’re fucking Casper the Asshole Ghost! And you do this repeatedly; you keep stringing me along without stating exactly what it is that you want. And then you helped me to get a job that I don’t even want and once again, there goes Scott the Almighty doing something for Mariana the Weakling! I hate you and you can kiss my Black ass! Fuck you and your fucking White privilege!”

“Me and my fucking White privilege helped your Black ass a lot, didn’t it?” He sharply replied. “I did things for you because you deserve it, not because I expected anything in return. You could’ve turned down the Molina & Prior position. You could’ve declined every motherfucking gift I have ever given you. I don’t see you writing a check for – how much money was in your account, again? – oh, that’s right…for the fucking fifty thousand I had given you. So fuck me? No, Mariana, fuck you!


This is still one of my favorite scenes in the series.

S&M IV, Part 1 is available now.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out next year.