Regarding Scott Reed’s Past Girlfriends

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Reader submitted Question:
Re-reading the series, I have a question –
Both Deborah and Jeff mentioned Scott wasn’t bringing home “the church type” to his family. Since Scott declared his love for Black women in IV, were his past girlfriends also Black?
Yes and no.
When Scott started actively dating in college and even in grad school, he dated pretty much anyone who threw some tail at him. Seeing Scott as his Frank White persona, I imagine he received plenty once it was known he was a Nupe. He probably didn’t get as much as his transformation post-Sanora, but he wasn’t a starving man.
I need to paint a picture of Scott Reed first. He’s a cultured man. He speaks three languages (Italian and Spanish being the other two), traveled around the world, and is an avid reader. He loves sports, has gone to an opera or two, and probably has season tickets to the Pantages theater in L.A. He loves going to art galleries.
The same Scott Reed will also drive to Inglewood for fried catfish, will get his fade lined up just right by a barber there, and will meet Jeff at Leimert Park to play bones (dominoes). He will also get into a friendly debate about how R. Kelly jacked Aaron Hall’s style.
So, were some of the unsavory women he brought home were Black? I imagine so. Scott was probably dating what I like to refer to as the IG Baddies – the dollar tree doorknockers, long fingernails, tattoos all over (you noticed he liked Dove’s tats?), mouthy, and colorful chicks. Scott probably dated a stripper or two or five.
The only exception being Tiana Morris (The Nanny) (but even with their declaration it was more of a friends with benefits situation). Christine being told off by a Black woman Scott brought home wouldn’t be the first occurrence. Mariana might have shut her up this last time.
As cultured as Scott is, there is a part of him that does like ratchetness.

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4 thoughts on “Regarding Scott Reed’s Past Girlfriends

    • veraroberts says:

      Scott back then looked a lot like Jon B, which is why he got a lot of play. Scott now is a bit more refined. So, I don’t have a muse for his look. I have a muse for his body, LOL. But I don’t have one in particular in terms of what he looks like. He is probably the first character I ever wrote where it’s really character and personality-driven. I kinda leave it up to the reader to picture what he looks like.

      As far as Tiana, it was revealed in The Nanny that they dated when they were in grad school.

      • Musings IRJ says:

        I need to go back and reread that one at some point. It’s been a good minute. And I cannot get an image of Scott in my head to save my life. He’s a literal blur when I’m reading. And for some reason, I always thought he was blonde.

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