#FlashFriday: The Ex-Factor #erotica #contemporary #romance

The Ex-Factor Medium

Scott read Mariana’s eyes and was pleased at what he saw: love, lust, and desire. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. No coy flirting. No presumptuous mind reading. Just the two of them together. His cock poked at her wet entrance and all he needed was a yes from her.

“I’m on birth control,” she mentioned. She wanted to feel him raw and with no barrier between them. “The shot, this time.”

“I’m clean,” he replied, “had a check-up just last week.”

“Okay,” she nodded, “now just fuck me.”

“I’m going to suck the soul out of your pussy.” He slid down her body and spread her thighs apart. She was soaking wet and anxious for him. Her cinnamon-colored pussy demanded and begged for his attention and he was more than willing to give it. He tasted her for the first time in long while and immediately he couldn’t get enough. He swirled his tongue around her pearl before he dived in, holding her steady against the bed.

Mariana became lost within him. She fisted the sheets as her pussy ground against his tongue, wanting him to go deeper and to never stop. His tongue worked her clit faster and faster, circling it, suckling on it, while his strong hands reached up and grabbed her breasts.

The orgasm ripped through her body like an electric current and screamed to the heavens, her body buckling along with the movement of such a strong climax. Even as she came, he continued to taste her, as if her orgasm was simply the first of many he would give her.

It wasn’t long before she came again against his mouth and only then, he finally stopped.

He swiftly entered her and Mariana gasped in shock at how much he’d filled her once again. She stretched out to accommodate both his length and girth, deliciously fitting her like a glove.

Scott sat back on his heels and held her thighs apart. She was just as tight and warm as he remembered. “Open for me, baby,” he begged. She felt him pulsating around his cock as she accommodated his size. He felt his cock become coated with her come and her thighs released their tension. “That’s it,” he pounded into her, wildly buckling his hips against hers. Her pussy clamped down on his cock, and her walls were filled by his glorious thickness. Her moans and cries echoed throughout the room as he matched her moans with his own, thrust for thrust.

He reached up with one hand and squeezed a breast while his other free hand played with her wet clit. He was buried to the hilt and fucked her with deep and powerful thrusts. “Is this my pussy?” He calmly asked.

“Fuck yes!” She moaned.

“Good girl,” he flipped her over on her stomach and re-entered her from behind. He licked the sweat off her back as he laid on top of her. His balls slapped against her wet slit as he continued to talk dirty to her.

“Each time you walk tonight and for the rest of the week, I want you to be reminded who owns this pussy,” he whispered in her ear, “you’ll always think of me when you do.”

“God, yes,” she cried.

He felt her pussy spasm along his cock and he knew she was getting close. He relentlessly pounded into her until she cried and shook, fisting the sheets with one hand while the other wrapped around his neck. “I want…I want…”

“What do you want, baby?” He moaned.

“I want to taste your cum,” she begged.

“Oh fuck,” He pulled out and she turned over, opening her mouth wide. He quickly came in hot streams, shooting all over her face and landing some in her hair, on the pillow, and on her chest. Mariana licked the length of Scott’s cock before she sucked him whole, cupping his balls and staring back at him with hungry eyes.

He collapsed beside her on the bed and she nestled up next to him. They were both spent and wanted to use the time to talk about what just transpired. Were they a couple? Was it just business? Would it be weird once they returned to California?

Instead, with Scott’s arm wrapped around Mariana’s naked body, her head on his sweaty chest, and her legs intertwined with his, they fell asleep.


You felt that in your spine, didn’t you?

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