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Scott watched the magic unfold in front of him. He put his line name to good use, made a few phone calls, and called in many overdue favors and promises from his New York contacts.

He felt like he was watching Cinderfella getting ready for his ball. “How’s the resume going, Mike?” Scott asked.

“Almost done.” The younger Nupe typed up as a couple other Brothers added their input. Mike was the head of HR in his company and knew what employers were looking for. “Just finishing up now.”

Meanwhile, Jeff was on the phone with a dealership in New York. “Okay, so I’ll need something smooth. Chrome wheels, Bluetooth, and leather seats. Not top of the line but right below that.” Jeff mentioned over the phone.

“No, get top of the line,” Scott spoke, “I’ll cover the difference.”

“Second thought, we’ll make that top of the line.” Jeff revised. “Yes, it’s from Scott Reed and Jeff Miller.”

Scott watched Brother Fletch finish off Jesse’s fade. “Nice,” he finally revealed a smile. “I like it.”

“Thank you, Brother Scott,” Fletch smiled. “You’ll never find another barber like me.”

A knock at Scott’s door and he shouted to them to come in. Jesse’s new suits had been delivered. “Hot off the press from the suit exchange!” Brother Daryl carried three suits. “You can’t get any cleaner than this. Kleaner with a K, that is!”

“Fantastic,” Scott looked down at his phone and read an e-mail. “Good news, Jesse. I have a friend back in L.A. who would like to meet you. He’s Ian Ferguson of the Ferguson dynasty. They own pretty much all of L.A. entertainment and sports teams. He’s interested in meeting with you regardless how your meeting goes with the D’Amato family.”

Jesse took a deep breath and tried not to be overcome with emotion. He’d prayed every night for a miracle and here he was, being blessed beyond measure. “This is too much,” Jesse looked around and tried not to get teared up, “I don’t know if I’ll ever repay you.”

“You can,” Scott mentioned, “you’ll pay it forward.”

“For the next two years, you’re going to be donating your free time promoting local Black-owned businesses in Harlem and assisting them with whatever they need to get the word out.” Jeff mentioned. “I’m already in contact with a few so you’ll be hearing from them shortly.”

“And whatever money you have leftover from bills and savings, you’ll be giving back to the Kappas so they can assist another Brother in your position,” Scott added. “You won’t pay us back but you’ll pay it forward.”

“We’re Kappas,” Brother Fletch replied.

“It’s what we do,” Brother Taye answered.

Scott threw up the yo and the other Brothers followed. “We make it do what it do.”


T-2 Days.

The Ex-Factor.

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