#FlashFriday – The Ex-Factor

Mariana collapsed on her bed. She immediately regretted forcing Scott out of her room but it was for the best. He wouldn’t make love to her in an inebriated state; even he had hard limits.

Her heart was conflicted and her breathing steadily slowed down to a normal rate. It wasn’t just lust. Lust meant he would be on top of her right now. Lust meant she could fuck him with no second thoughts or delayed regrets.

No, it was much more than that. She loved that man with everything and truth was, she’d never stopped.

Scott Reed was – and is – her everything.

He could turn her on with a simple glance or an even simpler, hello. The way he kissed her stood the test of time and no other man has ever compared. It wasn’t the tonsil hockey she’d perfected in high school with other boyfriends. No, Scott could kiss her, mouth closed, hands to his side, and Mariana would be aching and wet for more.

When he took Mariana out to dinner, he opened doors and held out her chair, even ordering for her – a chivalry that was lost in the current state of dating and Mariana wondered if Scott was the last of a dying breed. She then remembered it was the Southern gentleman in him. It was just how he was raised.



The Ex-Factor will be out on Tuesday, July 5th on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, iTunes, and Smashwords.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out in 2017.

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