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Rekindling the flame or just keeping each other company?

Scott Reed embodies everything it means to be a Kappa – business, life, and relationships. As he joins his fellow Nupes at their annual meeting, he has a chance to check in on his former lover and current employee working on an account for his advertising firm. His only problem is if he could keep it strictly business between them.

Mariana Harlow must’ve been a fool to go back working for her ex but she decided it was possible to keep business just that and have personal issues stay aside. When Scott checks in on her, it only proves there is unfinished business between them.

Will the former lovers finally get past their issues and rekindle their romance? Or will it be business as usual?


Over supper, the men conversed on sports and politics, while Deborah, Jasmine, and Mariana talked about homeopathic remedies and lifestyle trends. Christine paid more attention in getting her daughters fed than participated in any conversation.

It all changed, however, with a simple question from her. “So Mari,” Christine began, “what are your thoughts on the Sandra Bland case?”

Almost instantly, the vibe of the room changed and the air was thick with silence and tension. “Lord, here you here go,” Scott dropped a napkin on the table.

“What?” Christine justified her questioning as she wiped Azusa’s mouth. “I just want to know what are her thoughts? Am I not allowed to know her thoughts on such a hot-button topic?”

“She was wrongly pulled over and the circumstances regarding her arrest are suspicious,” Mariana answered. “I’ve researched the case and I believe there’s a coverup involved.”

“But don’t you think had Sandra been polite and did what she was told, all of this could’ve been avoided?” Christine grimaced.

“You know exactly what you’re doing,” Scott warned before he turned to Hassan. “Control your girl.”

“I’m a big girl, Scott, I can answer her with a question of my own,” Mariana directed her attention to Christine’s husband, “Hassan, what are your thoughts on the San Bernardino and Orlando mass shootings?”

Christine gasped and her hands curled up into tiny knots. “How dare you?!” She screamed. “That is the most vile, racist –”

“Save your faux White tears and liberal guilt,” Mariana calmly dismissed her. “You don’t like Black women despite the fact you’re related to one but you don’t see the problem with how you’re acting in light of how your husband is treated on a regular basis. I can go anywhere in the world with very little problems; Hassan cannot say the same. Contrary to what Orange is the New Black might have told you, Black people cannot be racist. Now will you pretty please pass me the macaroni and cheese, do us all a big favor, and shut up!”

Scott sat back in his chair and smiled at his girlfriend. Oh, he was definitely fucking her that night.


Yet, that’s not even the most controversial part of the book…

The Ex-Factor will be out next Monday on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, iTunes, and Smashwords.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out in 2017.

I did promise a cover reveal this week. I’m not entirely sold on the cover I’d originally chose so that’s why the delay. I kept going back and forth if Mariana should be on the cover (as she was in the past) but since she’s a major part of the story (as she was in the past), I decided to keep her on it. I hope to reveal the cover soon once I make a final decision.

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