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“What is all this?” Dean asked. “I get a call you’re getting married and I need to rush to Vegas? What’s up with that?”

“I didn’t want to date for years and years, wondering when the right time was. She’s the air I breathe, the light to my fire.” Jameson fixed his bowtie but decided to not wear it after all. He decided an open collar look was best. “So, why wait?”

“But it’s so soon?” Dean asked. “I mean, you’ve only known each other three months.”

“So?” Jameson asked. “You asked Sydney to move in with you after three.”

Dean wanted to retort but he was caught. He moved equally fast. “You caught me.”

“Dude, why wait?” Jameson snapped his fingers and pointed over to Dean. The assistants immediately began to work on Dean’s suit. “If it’s right, it’s right.”

“Okay, but your wealth, though?” Dean asked. Jameson’s family fortune was in the billions.

“Whatever my queen wants, she can have.” Jameson replied. “Money comes and goes. A love like this only comes once.”


“I never thought I would be getting married before you,” Sarah remained as seamstress snapped buttons on her wedding dress. She went for a A-line white cocktail dress and blue Christian Dior suede pumps. She opted not to have a veil and instead, a large white flower in her hair. “The universe is someone’s bitch.”

“Well, hey, I’m happy for you!” Sydney kept still as another seamstress worked on her dress. She wore the same thing as Sarah, except in purple. “Marcello is a really sweet guy and I think you two will have a wonderful marriage!”

“That’s nice and all, but I don’t care,” Sarah deadpanned and Sydney’s eyes widened, “no, not about that. I care about that. I want to know what’s going on in the Days of Sydney’s and Dean’s Lives. You two have more drama than Roman and Marlena.”

“We came here together,” Sydney admitted, “and we’re committed to working things out. We had a nice long talk on the way here and Dean accepts Ian is my manager, though he’s not too thrilled about it. But he’s also no longer threatened by him.”

“He shouldn’t have been, anyway,” Sarah shrugged, “Ian cares more about your art than your relationship.”

“And he’s made that evidently clear,” Sydney replied, “but the show is in a few weeks so maybe I can convince Ian to let Dean back on the Ferguson property.”

“He will. If he wants to keep his number one artist happy, he will. What about the loft? Are you going to stay there?”

“For now, yes.” Sydney waited for the makeup artist to finish applying her lip color. “Dean’s going to buy it off Ian and give it to me so I can be on the deed.”

“Funny how it took another man buying you a loft to get Dean some much-needed Act Right in his system,” Sarah shook her head, “I wonder about men sometimes. They act like you’re never going anywhere and you’re always going to tolerate their shit until you leave. Funny how that works.”


Scoring Chance in the fifth book in the Breakaway series. It’ll be out this fall.

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