#SnippetSunday: The Ex-Factor #nook #kindle #ebook

“Now what song describes your woman?” Fletch asked. “When you hear this song, you’re like, there goes my baby.”

“They Don’t Know” by Jon B.” Jeff began. “It was our song when we dated and still is to this day. We’ve been through a lot and she’s my rock.”

“My Heart Belongs to U” by Jodeci,” Nick added, “I think of Zerrin and she’s my everything.”

“Joy, Blackstreet.” Brother Mike commented. “My queen is where it begins and where it stops.”

Fletch turned to Scott. “What about you? What describes your queen?”

Scott nursed his bourbon. “You know that song by Robin Thicke?”

“Blurred Lines?” Malcolm asked.

“Nah, I hate that bullshit. That other one I like?” He snapped his fingers. His eyes lit up when he remembered it. “Wanna Love You Girl.”

“Oh, you’re going all the way back!” The Kappas laughed. “What about it?”

“There’s a line he says, ‘her attitude is hotter than the earth’s core.’” He turned towards Mariana. She was deliciously lit and drinking her third Cosmopolitan, while dancing in her seat with her hands in the air. “Yep.”


The Ex-Factor will be released next Monday. Cover reveal finally coming this week.

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