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“It’s great to see you, too.” He opened the trays and smirked at the food. Mariana always had a penchant for junk food. He used to be annoyed by it but found the quirk of hers rather endearing. Some of the food she ate was delicious after a few bites. They usually spent the remaining time burning off her junk food consumption in numerous positions.

He needed to talk about other things before he used one of the condoms in his wallet. “How was your plane ride over here?”

“Not bad. Very smooth. It was over just as quickly as it began.” She walked over to him and saw him stare at her food. She felt a little embarrassed at first she ordered the junk but then she remembered they weren’t together anymore so fuck what he thought. “If you keep staring at it, it just might start talking back.”

He smiled and held a single fry between his fingers. “Open wide,” he softly spoke.

Mariana hated him at that moment. No, she didn’t. She wished she could hate him. As she gradually opened her mouth to accept the French fry, she read the smile in his eyes and knew what they were saying back to her – not only could he still command her to do things, she equally wanted to do them with no question.

“Mmm…” he purred. “…delicious, yes?”

Her voice made a soft sound that sounded like a cross between begging and moaning. She softly chewed the fry and swallowed it. Her first reaction was to spit it back at him but she was rather hungry and the fries were quite tasty. Maybe if she concentrated on the food, it would cut the thick current of sexual tension between the pair. “Yes, delicious.” She smiled. “Let me guess….red blazer, khakis, and bowtie….Kappa convention this week?”

“How did you guess?” He asked.

“Well, beside the numerous amount of Kappa-related items in your home, I’ve seen quite a few gentlemen both here and at the airport wearing the same thing.” She adjusted his bowtie and grazed her fingers over his blazer. “Though I have to say you wear it better than any of them.”

She intentionally touched him on the body part she’d deemed to be her favorite many times over. It was a resounding quiet signal between them and she studied his eyes to see his reaction. Intrigued and desire coursed through them.

Scott wanted to take Mariana on the bed but when he heard the soft growl of her stomach, he quietly backed off. He would get his opportunity later.


Cover reveal soon.

Pre-order information will be posted (hopefully) next Monday.

The Ex-Factor will be out on July 5th.

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