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powerplay-mDean set the bouquet down, walked over to Sydney, and sat her down on the pool table. Their bodies were pressed together and she could feel his heart pounding through his chest. No matter how many times she’d seen him in his naked glory, there was something so spectacular about Dean. His muscular and broad chest that led down to strong legs. He was tanned, sun-kissed by God, but not obscenely gross. He was, by far, the most beautiful man Sydney had ever seen.

She moaned a little as his lips touched the hollow of her neck. His quick tongue flicked while his moistened lips lightly sucked her flesh. He gave her small kisses as he began to undress her, exposing her taut nipples to the coolness of the air conditioner. “You’re wearing too many clothes right now.”

A slick dampness formed between Sydney’s thighs as she felt Dean’s hardened shaft poking between them. Her mouth slightly opened, inviting him to take control and he didn’t hesitate, playing with her tongue and gently sucking on her bottom lip. “I need to talk to you, babe.” Sydney whispered. “It’s kinda important.”

“Oh?” Dean snuck in another kiss before he removed Sydney’s shirt. His mouth became greedy and hungry for her as his fingers became lost in her hair. “What is it?”

“I was thinking,” she snuck in a kiss, “we can do something that would make our wedding night hotter.”

“Ooh,” Dean caressed her arms, “I like the sound of that already. Do tell.”

“Well, I was thinking,” Sydney softly moaned as Dean dived into her neck, placing a series of heated kisses all over, “I was thinking we could become celibate.”

Dean immediately stopped kissing and stared at his fiancée. “Wait, what?”

“Hear me out, babe!” Sydney saw the worry in his eyes and had to act fast. Dean without sex was akin to a person without air. “Think of how romantic it would be?”

“Forced celibacy?” He made a face.

“That we waited for each other!” She pressed. “And how we have a bit of a courtship as we look forward to our wedding day!”

He nodded and Sydney thought he understood where she was going. “Wait, what?”

“We can cuddle.” She revealed a big smile. “We can Netflix and chill like my friends do!”

“Okay, Syd…Netflix and chill actually means…” Dean shook his head. “…never mind. Where did this come from?”

“Well, Jane suggested…”

Dean never cared for Jane and she reinforced why. “Of course she did.”

“She said she did it with her husband and it made them closer!” Sydney pulled him in for another smoldering kiss. “So what do you say?”

“Um…” Dean tried to think of the most polite way to say hell no to his fiancée without starting a fight. They averaged three times a week and even then he didn’t think it was enough. One time he was jonesing for her so bad, he flew her out to a city he was playing in so they could have sex and sent her back on the next flight home. He wasn’t a cad about it, though. When Sydney arrived home, there were dozens of roses waiting for her. “…when does this supposed celibacy start?”

“Not until it’s closer to our wedding day, silly!” She laughed. “We’ll start 30 days before.”

“30 days, huh?” Dean thought about the wedding. It was tentatively scheduled to happen in six months. “Great.” He laid her down on the pool table and nestled between her thighs. A hand found her heated sex and he inserted a finger inside, causing Sydney to gasp. “I have a lot of work to get in.”

His lips crushed her neck as he continued to play with her. Sydney placed her hand on top of his while he massage and quietly encouraging Dean to not stop. “We’re going to ruin this pool table…” She moaned.

“Like we haven’t numerous times, already?” He chuckled.

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The next book in the Breakaway series will be out this fall.