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Unedited snippet:

He entered her hotel room with no expectations so it shocked him greatly when she appeared out of the bathroom wearing the pink lacy crotchless teddy she knew was his favorite. It was then Scott knew, not only was she expecting sex during her trip, she specifically was expecting from him.

“Motherfucker,” the words escaped Scott’s mouth as his eyes followed Mariana’s body. He’d seen her naked many times but that particular piece of lingerie caused the madman to leash out of him. It left very little to the imagination but spurned numerous fantasies waiting to be played out.

She locked eyes with him as she began to dance, slow and sensual, touching her breasts and smoothing her hands down her waist. She turned around and bent over in front of him so he could get another good look at her. Her legs were spread wide enough where he could see her pussy print and Scott bit his bottom lip in anticipation of tasting it again.

She suddenly turned around and gave a slow grind before she morphed into a shimmy. Seeing Scott’s eyes widen and his lips mouthed an, ‘Oh shit’ told Mariana she got him exactly where she wanted him.

A hand began to travel down to her pussy and she wanted to play with her swollen clit in front of him, delivering an oft-requested but always-ignored fantasy from him. Scott’s hand suddenly grabbed her and he shook his head. “Come here,” he mouthed and freed his cock from his slacks.

Mariana kneeled down and grabbed Scott’s cock with both hands. He smelled wonderful – musky, salty, and just plain, man. She licked the pre-cum off the mushroom tip before she took all of him inside her willing mouth. No, she didn’t want him to fuck her mouth like he’d done so many times before; there would be a time and place for that later. No, she wanted to savor his taste, his length, and enjoy him.

When Mariana told him she could give great head, Scott admitted he laughed at how confident she was. So many women promised the same thing and he was bored each time. With Mariana, it was like going to church and drinking from the Holy fountain. Pleasure shot up his spine and his toes curled. He steadied his breath but deeply breathing through his nose but he didn’t know how much longer he could sustain it.

Before he could come, he interrupted her. “Fuck me,” he requested.

Mariana simply smiled. If Scott thought he was the only one playing chess between them, Mariana just delivered a spectacular checkmate for his ass. “Always.”


Mariana didn’t come to play with that ho. Well, maybe…a little.

Tentative date – July 5th.

(Reminder – it is NOT S&M IV, Part 2)

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