Rekindling the flame or just keeping each other company?

Scott Reed embodies everything it means to be a Kappa – business, life, and relationships. As he joins his fellow Nupes at their annual meeting, he has a chance to check in on his former lover and current employee working on an account for his advertising firm. His only problem is if he could keep it strictly business between them.

Mariana Harlow must’ve been a fool to go back working for her ex but she decided it was possible to keep business just that and have personal issues stay aside. When Scott checks in on her, it only proves there is unfinished business between them.

Will the former lovers finally get past their issues and rekindle their romance? Or will it be business as usual?

Untitled is a side book in the Scott and Mariana series. It is an erotic romance book that deals with second chances and renewed love. It takes place between S&M IV, Part 1 and Part 2.


Unedited Snippet:

“I fucking hate you.”

Scott Reed looked up from his laptop and locked eyes with her. Her brown eyes became enraged with a fire whenever she was angry, which didn’t happen often. But when it did, she gave new meaning to ‘hell Hath no fury.’
They were friendly with each other. They didn’t act like everything was okay but they didn’t hate each other; at least he hoped not. They’d subtlety flirted with each other and a mistake that was made during one fateful business trip was not repeated.
Until last night. A line was permanently crossed.
Simmering sexual tension boiled underneath the skin, and he wondered if she truly knew what she was doing to him. He felt his need stir and a slow smirk covered his lips. They had sex three times – once as two horny people, second as old lovers reuniting.
The third time, however, was definitely the charm. In her building’s laundry room, he took her. As his body pressed against the cold tile flooring, he was taken over by the sheer heat and comfort of her love, tightly-wrapped around him like a vise as she controlled the tempo and pace.  On the floor, against the wall, and bent over the washer. They’d fucked and it was then he’d claimed her, an unspoken permission granted from her to him.
While he could separate sex from love, it became clear she had issues. It was going to be a lively discussion and he smiled upon thinking about the battle. “May I help you, Mariana?”

At first I wasn’t going to release this story but then once I realized I have it half completed, I might as well. My anxiety got the best of me so I doubted even doing this story. I’m better now but yeah, I need to meditate more.
A few things:
It’s not IV, Part 2.
– I’m not sure if it’ll be erotic, though one of my friends highly suggested it should be.
– It’s a continuation of the series.
– It’s being released in celebration of Scott & Mariana fifth-year anniversary.
I don’t have a title so for now, it’s called Untitled. Maybe someone can come up with a good title for it. Whoever has the best title, chosen by readers, will get a free book.
Release date and pre-order information TBA but it’ll be sometime this summer.

4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. ririjam says:

    K…since I’m patiently waiting on the second part of S&M IV, I think this one should be called “Intermission”. Not second chances because that’s what part 2 sounds like it will be about along with conclusion of their story, before the Young Adult one that involves their future daughter. Wait…we will get a part 2 of IV, right? Can’t remember what you said. Anyway, my choice for a title for this one is “Intermission”

    • veraroberts says:

      There’s definitely a Part 2 because that’s when everything finally comes to a conclusion – Sanora’s revenge, how Scott really knows Senator Edwards, what really happened with Mariana and Bernard, and if a reconciliation with Sarah ever happened.

      I really like the title name!

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