#SnippetSunday: Blood is Thicker than Baby Mamas…

“I wanted to meet with you because I wanted to talk to you about Art’s campaign and everyone’s role in it,” Nicola hesitated for a moment, “I don’t want you and Faith campaigning for him. It’ll bring too much attention to his campaign and his opposition is already on the attack about everything.”

“That’s completely fine by me,” Eli agreed, “I’m swamped at the shop now so I couldn’t campaign even if I wanted.”

“Well, your brothers are doing the best they can. You’re all so busy nowadays. Kieran with the child care and clothing line, Joey handling the businesses, Tony going into the wine business but it’s better to be busy than looking for trouble,” Nicola tightened her lips. “I wanted to talk to you about your marriage.”

Eli stiffened. To say things were rocky between he and Faith was a severe understatement. He thought about her actions and wondered if the shoe were on the other foot, she would’ve kicked him out again, taken him to court, and successfully get half of everything he owned. She would’ve written a best seller titled, ‘How to Get Even with Fuckboys’ with a forward by Evelyn Lozada and other Real Housewives and Love and Hip-Hop stars.

Eli was on the hot seat. If he stayed with Faith, he would be looked at a simp, a joke. If he divorced Faith, it would’ve been a costly court battle he didn’t want to pursue, despite slight nudges from his family. “There’s really nothing to talk about. This is my entire fault. If I hadn’t cheated on her, she wouldn’t have done any of those things.”

“Cut the shit, Eliodoro,” Nicola put the fear of God into her son, “yes, you cheated. But everything Faith did is a reaction to what you did. Did she have to date Darren? Did she have to sleep with him with no protection? Did she have to…?”

“I get it, Mother,” Eli didn’t want her to say the last and damning thing. “I understand what you’re saying. I’m saying if it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t have done any of it.”

“Eli, you stopped all communication with Simone when you ended the affair. If you kept communicating with her, do you honestly think Faith would’ve been okay with that?” Nicola asked. “Mio figlio, you need to start looking at Faith as someone who wants to be with you not because you’re the alleged father of her children but because you’re a D’Amato. Everything she has done since your affair points to that. Didn’t she tell you she was going to wipe your bank accounts? Again, Eli, if the shoe were on the other foot, you would be sitting in that spot, complaining about how she’s wiping you out every month in support.”

“So, what do you want me to do, Ma?” Eli begged. “What course of action can I take right now?”

Nicola circled her coffee cup with a finger before she took a sip of it. “Why are you asking me a question you know the answer to?”


Alleged, huh?

Makes you wonder what Faith did for Nicola turn on her like that.

When you go up against the Queen, you better make sure you don’t miss.

…And War. November 2016.

9 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday: Blood is Thicker than Baby Mamas…

  1. staceymkindles says:

    Omg no I was rooting for faith and eli too. I can’t imagine what she did to make nicola mad. I hope they get closure and find their happiness even if it’s apart. Gold digger not faith.

      • veraroberts says:

        Honestly, I need to keep the readers guessing. If I wanted them to have a HEA and with no questions asked, the book would’ve ended the first story. I don’t want it where there’s a solid hero and villain. We all play the hero. We all play the villain.

        And it’s so interesting because no one likes to think of themselves as the villain but that’s a role a lot of us play, regardless if we know it. There are a lot of devils and very few angels.

        So, it won’t be an easy read but I think everyone will get their just desserts.

  2. Musings IRJ says:

    How To Get Even With Fuckboys… Yes, Faith should write a book…

    Nicola needs to sit her meddling ass down. Everything that’s going down is a direct result of Eli not being able to keep his dick in his pants. I don’t like Faith turning into this supposed gold digger, but I’m sure it’s all coming from a place of hurt and anger, and not because she’s after his money. There was a time when I was rooting for Eli and Faith, but now I’m seriously like whatever. They both need to just move on because I don’t think there will ever be complete trust in that relationship regardless of who the daddy turns out to be.

    • veraroberts says:

      I think they will but there needs to be something else to occur first. There’s a lot of confusion between what has happened and what’s being put out. I wish I could share why Nicola acts the way she does because it does make sense. She did do something that made the entire family upset, though it wasn’t entirely her fault, she could’ve used more precaution.

  3. ccrooksrocha1 says:

    Holy bejesus stop the press!! I sure hope I read this wrong, the baby ain’t Eli’s?? Were they on Maury?? I just fainted Vera!!!! Please tell me it’s a typo!!😡😡

    • veraroberts says:

      Nicola is questioning all of his children now. Something came out in the story (it’ll be revealed later) that made the D’Amato family very upset and it’s something Faith did, so hence the anger.

      War all around.

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