Beauty Is Her Name


Okay, normally I don’t spam your inboxes like this so I truly do apologize.

Anyway, I’m starting a free and short story (short as in less than 9K words short) over at wattpad. It’s my first time doing a modern take of a fairytale so I’m super jazzed about it:

The Blurb:

Does true love really exist?

Beautiful “Beauty” Whalen was born with the world in the palm of her hand. The daughter of the world’s most famous pop singer and a high-profile director, everyone has seen her grow up via social media and via a few roles in her dad’s movies. As she celebrated her 21st birthday, a curse placed on her by an evil spirit takes hold. Unbeknownst to the all, a special fairy godmother amended the curse, with only a special Prince to relieve it.

Prince Martinez is a popular Vine star and creator of Swipe!, a new dating app. His dashing good looks and changing girlfriends make him a tabloid favorite, though that is far from his real personality – a stay at-home geek. When he hears about Beauty’s sudden illness, Prince makes a special visit to her in hopes to spread goodwill.

Can Beauty be saved by Prince’s visit? Or will it be too late?

Beauty Is Her Name is a modern-day fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. It is a New Adult romance.

Once I’m done with the first couple of chapters, I’ll update everyone so they can read.


As always, I’m heavily influenced by music: