Thank YOU!!!


Seriously, you all are amazeballs!! The reaction so far to Power Play has been astounding so I’m so glad you like the story! It’s something different from what you’re used to but I think change is good. It can be very good.

So, now for a bit of an update.


Originally, I had a contest idea for the first 7 people to figure out all of the Prince references in Power Play (and there are a ton!). After consulting with my best friend, we figured that quite a few of the references will probably fly over people’s heads unless they are diehard Prince fans like yours truly.

Well, there’s been a change to that.

For the first 7 people to figure out 7 Prince references, you will score a free copy of the next book in the Breakaway series. That is all.  There are about 20 references, give or take.

Have fun and good luck! E-mail your findings at


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