#FlashFriday: Power Play


So, this story is becoming a bit longer than I’d originally intended. I think I’m more long-winded than I keep thinking I am. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Anyhoo, the story will be out soon so I’ll just provide links when that does occur.

Enough babbling…onto the snippet.

Ian’s touch was comforting and Sydney immediately felt comforted. She sipped her water and briefly forgot it was just that as she swallowed the tasteless liquid. “This should be bourbon.”

“I think water is suiting you just fine.” Ian mentioned. He glanced down at his Aerternitas Mega 4 watch. It was getting late and he needed to get home. He had a lot of work to do, including hiring security for Sydney’s show so Dean wouldn’t have a repeat performance. “I need to be heading out now. Do you think you’ll be fine tonight?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She got up and Ian followed her lead. She walked him to the front door and gave him a warm embrace. She pressed her body against his and relished in his touch. “Thanks for being such a great friend, Ian.”

Ian closed his eyes and inhaled Sydney’s coconut-scented hair. She felt so lithe and warm in his embrace, Ian no longer felt in control of his emotions or sanity. She consumed all of him, without asking or demanding. She just took him, as is, and with no regrets.

She was more than his muse. She was his life. She was his everything. He didn’t want to think about the future or the ‘what ifs’ or ‘what shouldn’ts’. No, he wanted to think about how it would feel as she was beneath him, or on top of him as they rocked back and forth, exchanging emotions in a give or take that only grown folk do.

He felt his desire bottom out and he took a large exhale. His sanity told him to let her go and leave their relationship be.

When did Ian ever listen to sanity?

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