#ThrowbackThursday: Wait for Love

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Ryan’s jaw clenched and his fists curled tightly as he studied the woman and her actions. Her full lips hugged the straw while her pink tongue darted out in a fleeting moment. It reminded Ryan of the time when those same lips hugged around his cock and…

“You know that chick, bro?”

He knew she had an older brother. He knew she was passionate about veganism and spoke something of never touching red meat for the rest of her life. She also mentioned something about having her own line… what was it… ah yes, a natural hair and body care. Her favorite song was “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo. Her favorite show was Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite food was vegan nachos. He knew he wouldn’t forget that because he wondered how did one make vegan nachos, and Alyssa explained it to him in acute detail.

He knew everything but the woman’s blood type and even then, he was pretty sure she might have shared that information sometime during their tryst.

Ryan snapped out of reminiscing about the woman he only knew intimately. He had spent countless nights wandering into the same bar looking for her and wondering if she’d show up. Whenever he didn’t find her, there was someone else—less suitable—for him to take home and entertain.

But his thoughts always went back to her. The not-so mysterious woman. “I’m familiar with her, yes.” Ryan finally answered after a prolonged silence.

“You’re familiar with her,” Aaron smiled as he prepared a cappuccino for a customer. “It sounds like you’re a little more than just familiar with her.”

“It’s all that it is,” Ryan answered, his eyes not moving from the woman’s face. He didn’t know her, per se, but he knew her body like an artist knew paints and oils.

Aaron walked over to Ryan and looked over at the woman. She was curvy in the way Aaron would describe as being “thick” and had a smooth medium-brown complexion. Soft pink lipstick graced her lips, and she wore leopard frame glasses. Her hair was naturally kinky-curly with a bunch of tight ringlets, and she looked very studious.

It was then Aaron knew why his best friend—a man who never stayed with the same girl for longer than six months and had more one-night stands than he could count or want to remember—was stuck on the mystery woman; she was the antithesis of what his friend was used to. Ditzy and skinny were more of Ryan’s type. Race and ethnicity wasn’t a factor.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you hung up on a woman you were only with for one night…” Aaron pushed.

Because I never haveRyan shook the thought from his head. “Don’t you have some coffee to serve?”

Aaron ignored him. He’d known Ryan since their high school days and could tell when his best friend was being real and when he was full of it. There was no question which side of the equation Ryan was on. “So, you know her?”

Ryan knew the woman, all right. He knew certain positions made her sing like a songbird. He knew the rhythmic sway of her hips when she was on top. He knew the glazed look her amber eyes had after an explosive orgasm.

Then it all ended when Alyssa left without a peep. No number, no ‘thanks for the good time’ note, nothing. It was as if she disappeared into the air. If it wasn’t for the numerous used condoms in the wastebasket, Ryan would’ve thought she was a figment of his imagination and left hand.

Oh, he knew her. Quite well, even if he did say so himself. It didn’t mean he knew her personally. He didn’t know what made her tick or what pet peeves drove her nuts. He didn’t know what made her so scared that it kept her up at night. He didn’t know what made her so passionate it was the reason she got up in the morning. That was an entirely different subject. He wouldn’t mind, however, getting to know her more with their clothes on. “I’m familiar with her, yes.” He repeated.

“Sounds provocative,” Aaron smirked.

Ryan turned to his best friend and co-owner of the coffee shop they operated. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Bullshit.” Aaron coughed into his arm.

“She probably doesn’t remember me,” Ryan reasoned, though he hoped it wouldn’t be true. Not after that night.

Downing shooters at the bar

Showing battle scars of past failed relationships

Flirty exchanges morphing into intense heavy petting sessions

Wrapping her legs around his taut waist as he entered her

Kissing the hollow of her neck as she arched off the bed, over and over…

The cold and empty space on his bed when he discovered she had escaped sometime during the early morning.

She was standing with a group of friends when she briefly looked up and their eyes met. Her studious eyes instantly recognized his, and widened upon the realization. A bit of a faint smile appeared on her lips before she hastily looked away again.

Ryan wasn’t sure at first if it was really her he saw, and briefly thought it was a case of mistaken identity. But, once he had confirmation that it was Alyssa, he knew right then and there that she wasn’t going to escape from him again.

Not if he could help it.


“Fine, isn’t he?” Jordin prodded.

Fine? Fine couldn’t even begin to describe Ryan. Smooth, tawny skin that glistened with each step. Cobalt blue eyes that made one wonder what he was really thinking. A chiseled face that could probably cut glass and bedhead that boasted of dirty blond stripes. He was muscular and toned, a result from much time spent in the gym. And his voice was a deep baritone, a smooth rumble. His shaft was of porn star legend and his sex game was every bit of fantasy come true.

It was a wild night, Alyssa remembered. She had been stood up by an online suitor and decided to nurse her anger at the bar, figuring she would catch a cab later. No more men, no more dating, she swore to herself. Every man she’d dated started great, until the asshole came out and then the fantasy turned into a cold and tasteless reality.

She’d taken her profiles off every dating website she’d signed up for—a blistering five—so she could have the most options and best suitors. Yet, it seemed each website, no matter how promising it was, offered the same men in different shapes and sizes and all ethnic groups.

Then she met Ryan.

“You look like you need a drink,” he sat next to her at the bar.

Alyssa finished off her Glenfiddich and turned to the guy who invited himself next to her. Attractive. Very attractive. She knew he was trying to be friendly, and she shouldn’t take his kindness for a sign of him wanting to get into her pants; even if she wanted him to. The fact he was so close to her she could smell his cologne, with notes of earth, musk, and wood, didn’t help the dirty thoughts from implanting themselves in her mind.

“If you’re buying, I’m drinking,” Alyssa’s tongue glided over her lips and ended with a smile.

Several shots and battle stories of disastrous first dates and failed relationships later, Alyssa and Ryan were grinding to Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”, promising each other to do exactly what the song promised—fucking like animals. They made good on the promise later that night with a variety of positions that twisted each other’s body and tested the limit of how far they wanted to go.

Alyssa lightly sighed as her clit pulsed in reminiscence of that night. She’d had good sex. She’d had great sex. But Ryan made her shout like she was in church. All that was missing was a Holy Ghost dance. It wasn’t a far-fetched idea. Ryan had a tongue that was worth praising. His cock made her get down on her knees to worship it.

Jordin glanced between Alyssa and Ryan. The way they looked at each other was more than just two strangers sharing a fleeting glance. “Do you know homeboy?”

Alyssa knew Ryan woke up every morning at seven to work out. She knew his favorite color was blue. She knew he had two brothers, and he was the middle child. She knew he scored less than a 1000 on his SATs. She knew he didn’t quite know how to pronounce quinoa but she somehow found that to be endearing.

She knew Ryan like a locksmith knows keys. She discovered the details about Ryan that fateful night and for whatever reason, it was stuck in her head. Not that she was trying to erase it. She wanted to remember it, savor it, and somehow hold onto it for all time. “Kinda?”

Jordin leaned in closer as she kept her eyes focused on Ryan. “Serial killer? Rapist? He kicks puppies?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” Alyssa enunciated each word. She turned to her other friend in the group, Perry Michaels. He was a gay man who was convinced every straight man was hetero because they hadn’t met him yet. “Do you know who he is?”

“Ryan Jeffers. Owner of the Caffeinated chain, along with his best friend, Aaron Jacobs. His comes from old money; you may have heard of the Jeffers name in the forms of buildings, streets, and everything else under the sun. Parents live in neighboring Sugarloaf. He came from a very wealthy family and did pretty well for himself. Mid-thirties and plays the field a lot. Never known to have a girlfriend but a fleet of one-nighters and an occasional bed buddy if she’s really good.” Perry added. “Not to mention he’s finer than the Louis Vuitton collection I have at home.”

“Thank you, for that,” Alyssa winked.

Jordin kept her attention on Ryan. He may have been looking in their direction but it was clear his eyes were only on Alyssa. “There are some details you’re not sharing, Lyss. He stood you up?”

“Actually, it was the other way around,” Alyssa finally revealed. She briefly thought about sharing exactly how and what way she stood up Ryan, but it was best to keep those details private. Jordin knew more than she needed to know.

“Ah, so the truth comes out…” Perry stroked his goatee in hopes to hear some delicious gossip. “…the player got played and he’s mad.”

“You stood that up?” Jordin asked. “I mean, what?”

Was leaving without a trace considered to be ditching, Alyssa silently wondered. Maybe it did fit the definition. She knew how awkward morning after sessions were—sharing a sloppy hung-over breakfast, trying to make conversation while promising to ‘keep in touch’ or ‘see you around’. All of it was bullshit, and she’d used those lines more times than she wanted to admit.

Moreover, no form of contact was ever exchanged, so Alyssa had no way of trying to seek Ryan out, though she could silently admit she did visit the same bar a few times just to see if he would be there. Instead of seeing Ryan’s face, Alyssa had been propositioned by drunken wonders. She realized, again, why she ditched the bar scene to begin with.

“Um, it seems like mystery man is heading towards this direction,” Perry motioned for Jordin to follow his lead. “I guess it’s time for us to leave the two lovebirds alone, now.”

“What?” Alyssa looked at her friends. She was in a public place with Ryan, but she felt very much trapped in a situation she wasn’t sure how to execute. After all, she was in his coffee shop. “Please stay.”

“Please handle your business, and call me with all the deets later!” Jordin said excitedly. “I want to know everything!”

“Great.” Alyssa replied as she watched her friends leave. Almost on cue, Ryan started toward her direction. She took a sip of her mocha coffee and let the cool liquid ease down her throat before blowing out a sharp breath.

This could be really good, or really bad.


Wait for Love is a standalone novel. It’s available at All Romance, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iTunes.