#ManicMonday: Power Play


“I’m not your issue,” Ian pointed out, “you are.”

“Fuck you,” Dean dismissed him.

“Oh?” Ian accepted his challenge. “I may have overstepped my boundaries a little, I’ll admit that. But Dean, you had an issue with Sydney’s success from the start. Sure, it was fun for a while, using Sydney to get back at your ex-girlfriend for her games. But when Sydney’s career took off and she became successful on her own without your merits and help, well, your ego couldn’t stand it. Every woman you ever dated wanted something from you. They wanted your money. They wanted your fame. They wanted to name-drop you to get things. Sydney didn’t. She hated your fame. She didn’t want to abuse your money. Hell, she didn’t even want to use your money for frivolous bullshit. But you couldn’t see it like that.

“You wanted to keep her in her place. You could’ve purchased that loft but you chose not to. You could’ve bought Sydney her own art studio, you chose not to. Any man wouldn’t have had a problem postponing the wedding so she could have her successful art run. Hell, they might have just gone ahead and got married at the local courthouse. But you chose not to. And then for your final act, you pulled that ridiculous stunt at the preview. You said it was about me but no, my friend, it was never about me. It was always about you.” Ian walked over to Dean. “I didn’t steal Sydney, Dean. You gave her to me.”


Hmmm… Mr. Steal Your Girl has a point.

Power Play will be out next Monday. To read the first three chapters, click here.

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