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“You have the heart of gold, bro,” Allegra beamed, “I still can’t believe you’re a hockey player.”

“I promised God I would change my life to please Him after He saved me,” Jameson briefly remembered his past and that fateful night. He closed his eyes briefly to wash away the memory. “And I plan to stick to that for as long as I live.”

“I’m just saying…don’t you ever get lonely?” Allegra prodded.

“I have hobbies and friends to keep me busy,” Jameson replied, “and I’ll be so busy with the Church and community, I won’t have time for the Devil to entertain my thoughts.”

“You and your rhetoric…” Allegra laughed. It seemed whenever she brought up the topic of her brother finding the right woman to settle down with, he always countered with a no-win argument.

“I made a commitment and I plan to stick to it.” Jameson grinned. “You can never say I wasn’t faithful to a cause I believe in.”

“That I cannot definitely say,” Allegra also remembered her brother’s past. “Anyway, bro, I gotta go and attempt some sleep. I’ll keep you posted on when the baby is going to arrive.”

“Still no name?” Jameson asked.

“Just when I think of one, I change my mind.” Allegra shrugged. “So we’re going to wait when we’re at the hospital and see her in person.”

“Ah, smart decision,” Jameson agreed, “all right, sis. I’ll talk to you later. Give everyone my love and blessings.” He hung up and stared up at the ceiling, grinning. For as long as he’d been a hockey player, there was a part of Allegra that wasn’t completely convinced Jameson gave up everything to follow God.

Jameson couldn’t even be annoyed at his sister. If someone were to ask him years ago if he saw himself as celibate, he probably would’ve laughed at them after he finished his many shots of vodka, took whatever drug was in front of him, and offered his home for a couple of women to entertain him for the night.

Then one night, Jameson’s mind-altering evenings turned into one unforgettable life-changing event.

He instinctively caressed the thick scar on his chest as he thought about that night. Much of the night was still a blur but something was clear – he had to change before he was going to be next.

Jameson never looked back and regretted the decision to become celibate. Looking back on his old life, he probably should’ve done it sooner.

“You need to rest up,” Sarah walked into the room, where she prompted lifted Jameson’s legs and set them on her lap. “You have physical therapy in the morning and I leave for my flight shortly after.”

“Do you have to go back?” Jameson whined, sounding like a little boy who had to give up his toy.

“Yes, because I have a life and career there.” Sarah thought about what was waiting for her back in San Francisco. Good job? Check. Her cat, Torii? Check. An insanely expensive and empty apartment to go home to? Check.

Her vibrator that boasted of six speeds and three twirling functions? Ooh, definitely a check.

Even Sarah had to admit feeling a warm-blooded Jameson next to her was a definite bonus and something her vibrator – she lovingly nicknamed Inspector Gadget – couldn’t provide. “Though, it’s not much of a life or a career but it’s home.”

Jameson kissed Sarah’s hand. “You’re my home.”

“Kid,” she referred to his age, though he was only a few years younger than her, “you need someone who’s more your speed and into the things you’re into.”

“Hmm…” Jameson rested his chin on a thumb. “…this is interesting.”

“Oh?” Sarah humored him. “What is it?”

“The more I fight for you, the more you push me away.” Jameson looked into her eyes. “If you want me to stop wasting your time, Sarah, I will. But let’s not act like we’re two angsty teenagers in a YA novel when we’re adulting and shit.”


Get to know Sydney and Dean’s best friends as they fight in love when Power Play is released in a few days.

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