#ThrowbackThursday: S&M II



If Mariana wanted to leave, now was her chance. Scott wasn’t playing when he told her he was giving her an out. “And what happens if I do?”

“Our relationship goes back to being professional and I will treat it as such. It would be as if what happened a month ago never took place.”

“And if I stay?”

He circled the wine glass with an index finger. “We just have to see what happens, don’t we?”

Mariana thought long and hard about her answer. Scott wasn’t promising her anything but multiple orgasms. If that was all she was going to get from him, she’ll accept it. Mariana found herself surprisingly cautious. He was what she wanted wasn’t he?

But if Scott wanted to pursue anything with Mariana, there were some ground rules first. “What happened a month ago, I don’t regret. However, you can’t disappear and reappear whenever the mood suits you. If that’s how it going to be, we’re ending it tonight and I’ll act like shit never took place.”

Scott loved her tenacity. “That’s fair and I wouldn’t expect anything less of you.”

“Good.” Mariana finished her wine. Not only was it a truth serum but she grew a set of invisible balls at the same time. She was officially drunk and was in no condition to drive. She had a feeling that was Scott’s intention with the wine. “I guess I’m staying.”

“Good to know,” Scott stood up and walked behind the sofa. He retrieved three packages – small, medium, and large – and placed them in front of Mariana on the dining room table. “Open them.”

Mariana looked at the packages. “What are these?”

“If you would open them, you’ll find out.” He deadpanned. “Open the large one, then the small one, then the medium one. It’ll all make sense if you do it in that order.”

Mariana reached over to open the large package. She tore open the gift-wrapping like if it was Christmas. She stared down at the contents of the box. They were glittered open-toed Christian Louboutins. “I hope I got the size right.” Scott sipped his wine.

“How did you…” Mariana stopped. Scott must’ve seen her shoe size from a month ago. He remembered?

“Open your next gift, baby.” He motioned to the small package.

Mariana set aside the high heels and opened the wrapping on the small box. Her mouth dropped to the floor once she recognized the pale blue Tiffany & Co. was known for. She carefully undid the satin wrapping and opened the box. Staring back at her was a pair of heart-shaped diamond earrings. “Scott, I can’t…I can’t accept this.”

“Okay,” He sipped his wine, “I’ll take them back.”

“No!” Mariana almost shouted to Scott’s amusement. “I meant…these are really expensive and you barely know me.”

“I know you well enough to know you deserve them. If I gave you those gifts as your boss, you wouldn’t hesitate to take them.” He pointed out.

“So that begs the question,” Mariana took a sip of wine to prepare herself for rejection, “what are you giving me these gifts as?”

The word boyfriend was stuck in Scott’s throat. He didn’t want to call himself that despite the fact it was exactly what he was. A man doesn’t spend thousands of dollars on just a female friend. “Your lover.”

Mariana knew he wanted to say boyfriend but she would accept it anyways. “That works.”

“If it will make you feel better, the last gift only cost five dollars,” he smiled, “open it.”

Mariana hurriedly opened the last gift. It was a yellow satin wrap. She looked inside the box to see if it was covering something more expensive but that was all there was to it. For some reason, Mariana felt cheated. “What? What’s this?”

Scott got up from his chair and walked over to his girlfriend. He gestured her to stand up and he stood behind her. “The satin wrap goes around your eyes,” He explained, “what you have there is an ensemble and all you’ll be wearing for the rest of the night. I suggest you hurry up and change. It’s been a month since I last had sex and quite frankly, I’m getting impatient.”

Fun fact: I picked out that cover but it didn’t match anything I had written inside the book so I created the scene above so it would match the cover. Neat, huh? I did that with one other story – can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint – same subject matter.

I’ve been in a Scott Reed state of mind lately. Not sure what that means. Hmmm….