#TeaserTuesday: Mark My Words



He sat across from her and studied her eyes. He saw how frightened they were but he couldn’t tell if she was preparing herself for his potential reaction or if the truth would ruin them both forever.

They both were on the edge of the cliff of hopeless, and he honestly couldn’t say if he would save his wife. While he could admit his affair was careless, hers….hers was wrecked with vengefulness and hurt. Maybe a part of him was still angry at her reaction to what he did. Maybe a part of him pushed the denial in the back of his head so far, but the anger couldn’t see past it.

They were together for so long, to the point where he’d practically raised her. She was more than just his woman, she was his baby girl and they both knew it. All of her dreams were supported by him. Whatever she wanted, he made sure she had it.

His chest tightened, and breath quickened. He felt the erratic beat of his heart and pushed out a breath to quiet it. Did he want to know the answer? A part of him didn’t. He was content living in denial, with frequent stops in reality.

He leaned back into his chair, with an arm casually draped across the back as he looked up at the popcorn ceiling. If he didn’t know the answer, the real question became could he move forward with no clear resolution?

It was a question he had a difficult time answering. He knocked back his bourbon and stared straight into her remorseful eyes. Fallen tears had dripped onto the oak table. He could already hear the empty ‘o’ sound her voice will make, though she hadn’t said a word. He remained calm, though he was completely tormented inside.

It was then Eli realized he loved Faith enough to let her go forever. “Can you honestly tell me that you know for one hundred percent fact I’m Junior’s father?”

Faith’s bottom lip quivered as more tears flooded her eyes. Her voice came out like smoke and dissipated just as fast. “I can’t.”


Thanksgiving 2016.

13 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday: Mark My Words

  1. Jardine Jerome says:

    I’m back, I really would like to see Faith becomes a badass mom of three, and I’d like to see her develop another business and making it work with success, lots of popularity to go along with her new acquired success without Eli. Please give her a banging new body, tight and with curves for miles. Of course a backbone to kick both Eli and Darren to the curves after the DNA test comes back negative. At this point if your husband is willing to walk away you have nothing more to lose, unlike Simone who’s fighting the test, Faith just should go ahead and have hers done and be done with it. After all no form of birth control is one hundred percent safe but she didn’t go raw with Darren. Please spare her the extra drama. Give us a grown up Faith. Allowing Eli to father his children without her playing needy for him. Please give me a dignify Faith, after Eli’s egocentric temper tantrum about His willingness to move on and let her go. Especially after she accepted to move forward in her marriage letting the little girl spent time with her children in her home without knowing for sure that said child was her husbands’. And don’t forget the two visits from Simone to Faith place of business. There’s a Haitian proverbs that says when a child whines and drives you to the point of crazy for gumbo, you give them hot gumbo in the palm of the hand. You really should give Eli hot gumbo in the palm of his hands in Faith’s final resolve to Mr. ego (Eli). But of course after all is said and done, Faith and Eli, should be together it’s only fair for us to get a HEA in this story. To end Faith should definitely send a copy of the 99. Whatever percent that Ej belongs to Eli to big brother Nick just saying, I never like Nick for some reason.

  2. Jardine Jerome says:

    No, no, no. Most definitely not. He has no right to walk away. Although they are both to blame because they have both pushed the envelope but he started the whole nightmare, simply because he didn’t have enough sence to remember that for every action there’s a reaction. Hence here they are, but you know what bothers me is that, he still hasn’t learned from that adage, Miss Vera he needs to learn. You need to give Faith some backbone, to know that she can make it without a man, no matter how much she loves him. She needs to have a wall of support from her mom, his mom, and the sisters. She needs to stand up tall enough for him to take notice, and realized his mistakes. He needs to be made aware of what Simone did in confronting her and how she dealt with the situation, both Darren and Simone needs to be expose publicly for the snakes that they are. The DNA tests needs to come back negative. And Faith needs to go and have the DNA test right after the confrontation so she can move forward and also to start masking plan for a new life with her children. She should take men out of her agenda while she’s going through, Eli included. Just like you gave Eli enough ego to be so gassed up, you need to give her enough backbone to be indifferent to him, while going through this mess. Enough of the tantrums, just strengthen her. And open Eli’s eyes so that he can start to notice her once more, turn him in to a hound around her. Make him crave her heart, body and soul. Turn him off around other females, stop his shortish tendencies. I know that you wanted us to think outside of the normal romance genre, and we have, but now bring us back, please! We need the hea. I have so enjoy the series, but please give us our happy ending…#teamfaithandeli.

  3. ccrooksrocha1 says:

    Aww Damn I wasn’t ready for this teaser, even though I would like to say That’s whatcha ass get for straying and going against your vows, but then damn, I’ve been team Faye/Eli from jump. Damn Damn Damn, don’t do it to me Vera! 😢💔

  4. Musings IRJ says:

    This mofo got some damn nerve. I don’t know if it’s ego, genuine hurt, or a combination of both, but that whole loving her enough to let her go line got me feeling some kinda way. Especially after all the shit he did openly with Simone. And “their” child… Man of you don’t go on some damn where and realize you pushed her into Darren’s sack, pun intended…

    • veraroberts says:

      You know what’s interesting about this story? It’s something I’ve realized as I’m writing it…women would forgive an outside child but men won’t. It’s amazing how Faith was willing to work past her private issues and accept Elena into the family but Eli won’t reciprocate. Even as Faith clearly struggled with Elena, she recognized that was Eli’s child and because she respected and loved her husband, she forgave (well, it took some time) his indiscretions and accepted the reminder. As I spoke with a few of my male friends, however, they agreed with Eli.

      Eli’s attitude is very common, apparently. It’s definitely eye-opening. My friends even agreed Faith should’ve reverted back to Faith Sheppard if the divorce went through.

      Men, money, and egos…it’s quite fascinating…and they say we’re petty?

  5. staceymkindles says:

    Omg Vera I’m so excited for you to be continuing with their story! At first I was like serves him right if it wasn’t his baby but Eli redeemed himself to me! Thanksgiving 2016 let me start counting the days!

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