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Their Happily Ever After is starting to turn into a Never Gonna Happen.

With newfound internet fame also came unwanted notoriety as Sydney Walker is discovering when news broke of her engagement to one of the world’s hottest athletes. Being stalked by paparazzi is a minor headache in comparison to launching her art career. But when a wealthy curator expresses more interest in her than her art, Sydney isn’t sure if she could draw her way out of that mess.

Everything is going wonderful for Dean Winchester – the Kings are number one in their division with talks of holding the best hockey record of all time, he’s about to get married to his dream girl, and he just signed a few lucrative endorsements to keep him afloat forever. But as Dean concentrates on his game, another player is threatening to swoop in and take the only thing that matters – his Sydney.

Ian Ferguson never takes no for an answer and that’s the way he likes it. As a wealthy English curator, he takes a special interest in Sydney’s artwork and her. When her fiancée spends more time on the road, it means Ian spends more time paying attention to Sydney. All he has to do is convince that a man playing with sticks is a kid’s game.

Can Sydney and Dean overcome yet another distraction? Or is Ian’s offense too much for Dean to handle?

Power Play is a standalone book in the Breakaway series. It is a New Adult romance that deals with trust, long distance relationships, and celibacy.

Release date TBA soon.


Unedited Snippet:

“He calls you his girl,” Ian repeated. It wasn’t a question but rather a statement he tried in vain to believe.

“Yeah,” Sydney smiled as she thought about her fiancée. He was away on another road trip but he was coming home just in time for a romantic surprise. “Kinda like the song, My Girl?”

“That was cute back in the sixties, yes,” Ian replied and Sydney raised a brow. “I guess he calls you all sorts of other cute little things as well.”

Sydney picked up Ian’s patronizing tone and bit the inside of her cheek to keep her true thoughts at bay. It was bad enough she had online gossip blogs deciphering everything she did; the last thing she needed was her wealthy curator putting his two cents in.

For some reason, she decided to humor him. “What do you think he should call me?”

Ian smiled and shook his head. “Something not as juvenile.”

“I guess I don’t have to wonder why you’re single,” she bit back.

“Touché,” he replied. He took off his glasses and Sydney saw how beautiful his blue eyes were. They were bluer than the ocean and just as stunning if not more. He deliberately held her gaze, as if he wanted her to understand every word he was about to say and without question. “If men refer to their partners as inanimate objects such as sweetie, honey, and sugar, that’s fine. I think it’s sweet.”

Sydney released the breath she held. A small shiver went up her spine as she kept her composure. It was normal to be attracted to other men but she disturbed at her body’s reaction to Ian. He seemingly had a hypnotizing power over her. “You still haven’t answered the question,” she replied.

“If I had a partner who I loved and declared, she wouldn’t just be my girl,” he walked over to Sydney and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. “She would be my woman.

Sydney swallowed. Twice. “I see,” she pushed the words out.


The first three chapters of Power Play will be published on wattpad very soon.

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    • veraroberts says:

      I can only hope Dean stays focused. He didn’t like Roman but wasn’t threatened by him. Ian, however, represents a hidden insecurity he probably didn’t know he had.

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